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    What tires on 29er? - Asphalt

    I'm looking for an advice on which type of road, slick, semi-slick, etc... tires to use on this bike. I am mostly riding it on asphalt. Bike is cube reaction gtc pro 2015 edit. Factory setup.

    What tires on 29er? - Asphalt-20180403-114912.jpg

    Mounted tires:
    Front - Schwalbe Tough Tom Active, 29x2.25"
    Rear -
    Schwalbe Rapid Rob Active, 29x2.25

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    BMX tires might be a good, affordable pavement only option:

    Stolen Atlas Tires

    Cult x Vans Tires

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    THose Cult X vans look like a great option.
    I tired maxxis hookworms. Besides being super heavy they had more drag than a set of mountain kings.

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    I looked into this for one of my bikes. There are several slick-ish options in the 700x45-55 range. If you want tubeless, there's less out there, but there are some. Look into Soma, Compass, and Schwalbe if you want to go that route. I ended up with some 700x48 Soma Supple Vitesse EXs... if it turns out you want some of those and can stand a tan sidewall, I'm selling my never ridden pair. Yes, that was a shameless plug.

    All of that said, I run Specialized Renegades on that bike. They're quiet and surprisingly fast on pavement.

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    Schwalbe Big One has been great for me. It's a large volume light weight tire, but that also means it's thin so I'm vigilant about the smallest bit of road debris. Yet when all things align, they're fast!

    Like, "Roadie eat my dust," fast!

    I've 1000 road miles on one set of LiteSkins. They wear well, but cut easily. I've super glued a few spots back together. These tires aren't cheap after all.

    The LiteSkin version is 440 grams, but I can only find that version from German suppliers now.

    Amazon has the SnakeSkin version @530 grams, but you gain some durability with the weight.

    For budget grocery getting, I use the Schwalbe Kojak folding bead. They're heavy, but also bomb proof!

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    I have a set of Surly ExtraTerrestrial 2.5" on a Karate Monkey.

    They ride very smooth on the road, but are a bit heavy to spin up. Supposedly quite durable.

    They also hold their own on dirt trails, and have been doing way better in mud than I thought possible this rainy winter.

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