Vitus Nucleus VR tires-
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    Vitus Nucleus VR tires

    Does anyone know what are the widest tires I can use for the Vitus VR 27 and 29 models?

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    WTB ST i30 rim for both those bikes. 30mm inner rim width.
    I would run a XR Team 2.35 at as low pressure as you can until you get rim hits in your trails rocky segments.
    This tire is designed with a more rounded tread profile and high volume. That design is specifically for wide rims. When you use low pressure the footprint gets flattened somewhat. This gives you a bigger contact patch for more traction. You can also run the 2.6 versions. You may not be able to get the most out of that tire unless you have a 40mm rim. You can tune it by lowering the pressure until you get squirm or rim hits. Front tire pressure for me is usually about 4 psi less than rear. Rim inserts can help you run less pressure to get a bigger footprint.

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