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    Upgrade from non-boost to boost frame

    I currently have a Medium non-boost Yeti SB5 (2016) that Iíd like to upgrade to a Large (2017). I have a great component set on my current SB5 and Iím thinking of just buying a used Large 2017 frame & swapping all of the components over.

    What problems will I run into and can I even use my old non-boost wheels ? Is it worth the exercise or should I just seek my old bike and buy a Large ? Thanks for your help !
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    Depending on the wheel hub, there are some kits to space the disc brake correctly. I think WolfTooth make the Ďboostinatorí. Plus the rear wheel would need to be re-dished.

    Additional, again, depending on the crank spacing there could be some issues with clearance between chainring/crankarm and frame. So, possibly new cranks and/or chainring.

    It can be done, but in my honest option, purposely intended to force people to upgrade.

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