• 09-02-2011
    Tire Swapped, cut sidewall and swapped back
    So I was planning a nice ride for this morning and decided while prepping the bike last night that I would add some more Slime Pro to my tires. No worries, all went well. I was debating on swapping out my tires since I was having to break the seal. I opted to go ahead and keep my low block height summer tires one. At about mid night the storm rolled thru so I figured the trails would be trashed. My plans changed and so did the weather. I went ahead and swapped out the tires and slapped my Mountain Kings on banking on the trails being somewhat crappy with lots of downed branches (had a hurricane roll thru last week).

    So I get about 10 miles into the ride after having the wife drop me off so I could ride home (about 20 miles) I ended up getting a small branch wedged between my tire/frame in the rear while going up a hill. I pulled the twig out then about 100 feet later the tire was flat. WTH? I got Slime Pro in these things, how could it be frickn flat? Turns out it got a small (.5 cm) cut in the sidewall and it just wouldn't seal. After 2 co2 cartridges, I called the wife and hiked out .5 miles for her to come and pick me up.

    Totally blows. My MK's probably have less than 100 miles on them as I only rode them for about a month when I first built the bike in early spring. Now the weather is going to break and I will have to go buy another winter tire! Man, I should have just kept the summer tires on. If I blew one of those out it wouldn't have mattered much!

    Not sure what to do about the MK with a hole in it. I mean its in the sidewall so I don't think there is much I can do unless I slap a Park tire patch on it and ride with a tube. Eeeew!

    On a side note I can say that even though the trails were very well packed and damp at the worst they did quite well and sealed up quick. The one thing I can say about them is that they seem to kick up small twigs/braches like a little kid in a frickn candy store. Sorta odd after riding my my Ikon on the front and a Nano Raptor on the rear. But at a 2.4 on a rigid set up it almost felt like a mild suspension. The grip and traction was there for sure but to have the sidewall go out on me and the fact that it actually feels thinner than the light weight Nano Raptor I have to second guess what to go with at this point.

    In the end, my bike looks dicked up right now with a MK on the front and my Nano on the rear. But it works and I can ride so I won't complain too much!
  • 09-02-2011
    Your tire might still be ok for tubeless use. The tire boot should be air-tight if done properly. You can try your own patch using rubber cement and pieces cut from a tube.

    To reinforce that section so it doesn't bulge out, sew up the cut with fishing line before booting it. If it works for this guy to cut tires in half and them together then it should be strong enough to hold a small section of sidewall. He says he is using EZ braid Spiderwire fishing line. Edit: and he recommends this Marine Goop instead of rubber cement
  • 09-02-2011
    I will have to locate the actual hole now. I should have marked it before I pulled it off. I guess I will have to do some good cleaning to get all the sealant off before trying to put the boot on. I may try the rubber cement (shoe goo) rubbed thinnly on both sides and worked in the hole itself, let it dry and then try to put the boot on. Certainly beats the purchase of another tire and shot anyway.

    Just sucks. I should have just left the damn tires alone until the weather broke/breaks for real.