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    Tire Dismounting Horrors

    When trying to dismount tires from Nox and Derby rims, they're on there so tight I have to use a tire iron (plastic to not damage the rim) and a mallet just to break the bead. I insert the tire iron with downward pressure tire between the bead and rim, and tap the iron to slide the tire off and break the bead. It takes several of these taps to finally get one side of the tire off. Then I have to do the same to the other side.

    I've used Schwalbe Hans Damph, Nobby Nics and Conti Trail and Mountain Kings. This is with sealant fresh and old; the sealant is not "gluing" the tire on. All of these tires have been extremely difficult to dismount. I am NOT looking forward to a trailside repair!

    Anyone else having this issue?
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    Well, isn't that good? It means tire sits hard on rims and there are no chances of tire slipping off the rim. Anyways, i have same problem, and i use long screwdriver to get more leverage. I always use screwdriver and never did any damage to rim or tire.

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    This was sent to me by Dave @ Speed Dream. I was having trouble taking off the 2.3 Neo Moto. It totally made sense.......and the tire was off in seconds.

    I always finish the bead with the valve at 12 O' clock, and making sure that the rest of the bead is pushed in the center of the rim (where the diameter is the smallest) at 5-6-7 O'clock. If the bead is not pushed into the center of the rim then it is riding up near the edges where it would be when it is inflated. That area is tighter to retain the pressure but makes it much harder to install. If you don't finish at the valve, then the valve keeps the bead out of the center of the rim where the diameter (in the "well of the the rim") is smaller, making the fit looser.

    So, If you have the valve at 12 O'clock, and have all of the tire bead on except the last eight inches (at the valve) then reach down to 5-6-7 O'clock and push the rest of the bead into the center of the rim which will give you more slack at the valve, and that will help. I have this same rim and am using the Panaracer Driver tire with no problem. The Pacenti tires are made by Panaracer , and should be a similar fit.

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    Tire Dismounting Horrors

    Yep, good advice above mtnbiker4life. Make sure the tire beads are in the center all the way around and pay attention to valve position. As far as breaking the bead, I have Derby rims and can mount/dismount tires by hand (schwalbe, maxxis, Kenda so far). To unseat the bead I make sure I get as much air out as possible and sort of peel the tire off to the side. It's true tho, those bead humps work like a charm!

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