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    New question here. Tire advice needed for Trail/Enduro class tires

    So I have been riding XC for years, and I have nailed down my first Trail/Enduro bike purchase - Pivot Switchblade with 29" wheels.

    I've done several demos on this bike including a day in Bear Creek with P1 and P2, and Allatoona Creek which is my local trail with less elevation. (I live in Georgia USA).

    The bike comes with Maxxis DHF/DHR setup is amazing at Bear where there are some good descents, but they wore me out climbing. Also, on my local trail, that tire is just overkill and steals a lot of watts to keep it rolling. Despite the slow crawl uphill and being winded, I picked up 2.5 minutes on P2 over my best XC time.... Really says a lot about a bike that can descend, even though I lost time on the climb.

    Now, on my XC for training and local riding, I generally run Nobby Nics ADDIX SpeedGrip on F and R. Considering the small resistance increase to better traction, I am faster on my local trail with the Nics. I only use the Ralph setup on machine groomed trails. So, my initial thought is if I can find something a step up in traction from Nics without a huge resistance factor, that would be a winning setup for me.

    Weight is obviously a factor, but in my case, rolling resistance to cornering grip ratio is my bigger concern. I'm gonna leave the DH series tires on the original wheel set for mountain and bike parks, but for a second set, I am tying to decide on a trail setup for around here. So far I have looked at the Hans Dampf, but in this class, I don't know much about the tires. I saw a high roller on the Maxxis site that looks like it may have good cornering characteristics. I'm also not against mix-matching with a more agressive front and faster rear. I was considering a Hans in front and Nic on rear, but I am thinking that might be a little under traction in the rear.

    So, as you can see by now, I'm trying to find a tire setup that will give me good traction for the bike, but not kill my legs on a 25 mile ride over 1200ft elevation which I do regularly.

    Any suggestions? I'm all ears.

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    Are you happy with the Nic on the rear? My feelings on this is. If I have a tire on the front that I can trust in the corners and braking then the rear can be selected for lowering rolling resistance and climbing traction. For the PNW I was happy with the Nic on the rear and a Magic Mary up front. Some would use the Minion DHF up front thinking it was a little more versatile than the MM. With a trusted front the rear will follow.

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    Maxxis fanboi here. The dhf is draggy but not on the same level as the dhr2. In addition, I don't perceive the same resistance having a slow rolling front as I do having a slow rolling rear. For that reason I run aggressor rear and dhf front on my hightower. On my trail bike I run a 2.35 Ikon (tokyo drift mode engage) in back and either a 2.35 forekaster or a 2.3 dhf in front depending on what I'm trying to do for the day.

    I have a hard time letting go of the dhf in front on my hightower. My lizard brain doesn't listen to logic of backing off the gas a bit when I'm on that bike, and I'm just better off dealing with the bit of drag so that I have some recovery when I get over my head. Some folks locally are having good luck with the new hans dempf now that the side knobs are reinforced and not tearing off immediately. I do not get along with the nobby nic for socal conditions, ymmv.

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