I've got a 2007 XC hard tail that I've ridden the crap out of. Rear rim is shot and bearings are in some pretty rough space.

I want to replace them with something somewhat equivalent, I'll go higher quality but I want to understand more about what I have and not get sold something that is really beyond my level of riding. I find for anything you pick someone will push "brocience" on you and tell you "thats shi*t" with no basis.

So I'm just looking for some good recommendations etc..

my weight: 210
riding style : mostly XC, I rarely leave the ground and i'm not a smash and bash rider. I can carry my weight pretty well.

current wheels: Specialized Alex RHD 26inch (disc) with front hub specialized hi lo disc, rear hub Shimano FH-m475L

I see ebay hobbies sometimes Deore XT wheels for 100 bucks buy it now. Would I be mental to pick up a set of these?