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    Are these deformed tires okay to use or should I return them?

    I'm a maintenance newbie and in the past I've gotten new tires put on out of sight behind the counter. But I've seen new tires for sale in bike shops and they look fairly even all the way around when they're off the bike (non-folded ones with wire beads).

    This time around I'm going to do it myself. I've looked up what I need to know. I have new inner tubes and tire levers if I need them. I ordered new tires through an online seller via Amazon. They're 26 x 2.0 Serfas Drifters, for using my old mountain bike on the road.

    But the way they came in the mail leaves me uneasy. The pair of tires was taped together, and then the whole thing was twisted into a figure 8 and folded together and taped again, and put in a plastic bag. I've seen that wire bead tires can be folded, but these tires are stiff, and the pair of them folded that way looked very tortuous. They had partially unfolded int the bag and arrived as a big clump. There are very minor kinks in the bead of one tire, and both tires are still uneven after being unfolded for a few days. The center of the tire/tread either wants to be offset far to the left or right as you rotate the tire around. It looks intuitively like even when mounted and at full air pressure, they are going to be lopsided. I don't see how it will be easy to have a consistent margin to the rim going all the way around, like I'll mount them and then the bike will feel like it's oscillating when the wheels are turning.

    I will probably try mounting the anyway, but I have doubts. Does anyone have experience using distorted tires like this? Do they even out when installed? Should I return them?

    Are these deformed tires okay to use or should I return them?-img_4953.jpgAre these deformed tires okay to use or should I return them?-img_4958.jpgAre these deformed tires okay to use or should I return them?-img_4961.jpg
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    Look closely at it once you get it installed and see if you can still locate the crease in the bead. I've had trouble with one of those once. But it was on a much wimpier tire than this one.

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    They should be fine, I've folded wire bead tires into figure 8's lots of times without issue.
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