Syncross XR 2.0 wheels upgrade to other aluminum-
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    Syncross XR 2.0 wheels upgrade to other aluminum


    I have a Scott Spark 900 RC with Syncross XR 2.0 wheels.
    I'm happy with the rest of the bike and the upgrades I've made and I'm thinking about the wheels and if it's worth upgrading aluminium to other aluminium.

    I don't want to go carbon mainly due to price and peace of mind in case anything goes wrong with them and I have to pay for repairs.
    I rather pay and get a good quality aluminium set.

    Where I live, my lbs stocks Mavic wheels, and I could probably find easily DT Swiss also.

    So my questions is it worth upgrading my aluminium to other aluminium wheels? What differences can I gauge? Or will it be marginal? Anything else I should be asking myself?

    I race XC and Marathons and do quite a bit of forest trail riding.

    Thanks in advance. LM

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    Not worth it. I'm not familiar with those wheels, but a quick internet search says that they weigh in at 1740g. That's not bad. You're not going to do much better with alloy rims and even some carbon rims. Unless there is something wrong with them, I would ride them til they fall apart.
    You could potentially save just as much weight by choosing your tires wisely... you can easily save yourself 100g per wheel by picking the right tires.

    As for carbon, it's stronger and stiffer. You actually end up worrying less about carbon than flexy/bendy alloy rims.
    TTUB - Ventura County California

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    Thanks TTUB.

    I think you confirmed what I was quietly thinking. Looking at the Mavic website the top aluminums for XC are 1595g per set. I'm not that fussed about each gram so I guess I will save my cash for now and when the opportunity arises think about carbons.

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