I have upgraded almost everything on my Kona Roast, 2000 model, and since having a minor crash my Dunlop front wheel is now buckled. Not only that but when I tried to upgrade the rotors from 160 mm to 180 mm I found that the 6 holes on the front wheels hub do not match up with the Sram 180 mm rotor I bought. My price range is around 150-250, although for the right wheel I may be able to go slightly higher. I know I'm not going to get something outstanding at that price level, ideally I was wanting something that will be able to take a few jumps on the local trails like a Hope wheel. Any suggestions? It has to be 26" which means that the options are limited but surely there are some manufacturers still making decent 26" wheels? If it is not a set that is recommended I would also like a recommendation for the back wheel for when the time comes I can afford to replace that one too. At the moment the back wheel is a Mach 1. I'm not sure how good/bad that wheel is but I know the Dunlop must have been around 25 brand new so anything is going to be an improvement on that.