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    Sturdier Rear Wheel Option for 2018 Stache 7

    I've been mtn biking a couple years. I'm over 60 years old, 6'2", 230 lbs. I had an issue breaking spokes multiple times on my 1st mtn bike, 2016 SuperFly 6. Eventually I resolved the issue by getting a heavier duty rear wheel. Since putting on the new wheel I've had no further issues.

    I've had my 2018 Stache 7 since March 2018. SInce then I've put on about 600 trail miles. The thing has been stone reliable until recently when I noticed the back wheel wasn't spinning as freely as it should. Yep, I broke a spoke and also found that the wheel bearings needed replaced.

    Since I already went thru this on the SF6 I am looking to replace the Stache rear wheel with something more sturdy. I like everything about the bike and plan to keep it a very long time. So I'm open to putting in some money to make this issue go away and stay away.

    I know Bontrager has the Carbon Pro Line 40 wheels. They are expensive. I know they are lighter but I'm not sure if they would be any 'sturdier' to resolve my issue. I'd hate to spend that kind of money and wind up with the same problem.

    Does anyone have suggestions on alternates that would hold up better?

    I'm also going to post this in the Clydesdale Forum.
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    You'd be well served with a basic hub like a DT Swiss 350, an appropriately wide rim like a Race Face Arc 40 or 45, butted spokes appropriate to your weight, and a proper build including lots of stress relief.

    The Line 40 wheels are OK, but they aren't necessarily going to be more durable than what you have now.

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    Before looking to replace the wheel, I'd simply get new wheel bearings, make sure if they have a pre-load feature it's adjusted properly and get a reliable wheel builder to check the wheel for good and even spoke tension and the state of the nipples, if alu, maybe relace using brass.
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