Stan's Race Sealant/MucOff valves/Gorilla tape/Easton EA70XC tubless conversion-
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    Stan's Race Sealant/MucOff valves/Gorilla tape/Easton EA70XC tubless conversion

    Yesterday I did my was my first attempt at a tubeless conversion. Here's what went into setup:

    Easton EA70 XC wheelset - NOT tubeless ready 26ers
    Schwalbe Nobby Nic Performance 2.35" - tubeless ready
    Continental X King Protection 2.4" - tubeless ready
    Muc-Off tubeless valve kit - 44mm
    Stan's Race Sealant
    Gorilla Tape To-Go - 1"
    Utility knife
    Round file
    Air compressor

    Deflated and un-mounted the tires, removing the tubes and original red plastic Easton rim strips.

    Throughly cleaned and prepped the inner rim surfaces with isopropyl alcohol and allowed to dry.

    While the rims were drying, I thoroughly cleaned all residual dried sealant from the inner casings and beads of the two tires I was to use. (The tires I used were mounted previously and setup by someone else as tubeless with an unknown sealant - pinkish in one and off-white in the other.) This was BY FAR the most tedious and time consuming part of the entire process!

    Taped the rims starting 3" past the valve opening going slowly, keeping the tape centered in the valley and firmly pressing tape down in the center, overlapping 3" past valve hole, (6" of overlap total). Using a plastic tire lever I traced the contours of the inner portion of the rim to completely seat the tape. Using a utility knife with a new blade, I carefully scored the tape where desired at the junction of the rim base and the rim side wall. Removed excess tape. Again, used isopropyl alcohol to clean rim of any excess adhesive residue left behind during Gorilla tape application. Poked hole through tape and used a small round file to cleanly remove tape from the valve holes.

    Installed Muc-Off 44mm tubeless valve stems after selecting one of the three included base sealing grommets. The small conical ones seemed to seat best with my rims. Put in finger tight and then snuggled down until top o-ring seal and conical grommet were slightly compressed using a 4mm Allen wrench in the base and 11mm open end wrench on the nut on each.

    Installed tire onto rim with wheel hanging and valve pointing up, (6 o'clock). Unseated approximately 10" of the bead directly under valve.

    Following directions on the bottle, I vigorously shook bottle to mix the Stan's Race Sealant before pouring 4.5 ounces into measuring cup and then directly into the tire. (according to Stan's you cannot add Race Sealant through valve with the core removed as it will instantly clog). I immediately set the remainder of the bead and rotated the tire 180 degrees - valve pointing down (12 o'clock position).

    Inflated to 30 psi using a large capacity, high pressure air compressor. There was no noticable 'pop's as tire seated on either rim. As soon as 30 psi was reached, closed the presta valve and began to spin, rotate and alternately bounced wheel in effort to thoroughly coat all areas of the rim, bead area and tire casing with sealant. There were no - zero leaks of any kind nor was there any seepage anywhere. 24 hours later my digital tire gauge shows zero loss in pressure in either tire.

    The entire process described, start to finish for both wheels took about 45 +/- minutes. Only mess to clean up was to rinse out the measuring cup used for the sealant. (BTW - the small amount of Stan's Race Sealant I'd left in the cup solidified pretty quickly forming a light blue crystalline glob). Had I been using new tires I would have eliminated that cleanup step and cut at least 20 minutes of the time.

    I think a good portion of my success in this conversion should be attributed to the selection of all the components / goods used. Everything did what it was supposed to and well at that.
    Particularly noted is the quality and complete nature of the Muc-Off valve kit ($27 including shipping at Treefort) - I doubt I will ever use any other valves after using these.
    To early to judge on trail sealing performance or longevity of the Stan's Race Sealant, of course. However, I've heard a number of pro racers that say there is nothing that even comes close and after my initial experience with it setting of up and how it immediately and completely sealed, I am inclined to believe the hype. Is it worth the extra expense of the regular Stan's or others (I scored a quart of the Race from Treefort for $30 with free shipping)...that's a personal choice but was a no brainer for me.
    Also, I can't conceive of any reason to use any tape other than the Gorilla To Go (under $3 at my local Menyard's)

    I watched alot of online how - to vids and read alot of walkthroughs prior to my attempt. I have to say that, IMHO, this conversion was WAY easier than I had been led to believe and with excellent results.

    Thank you to everyone for your advice and encouragement - I'll keep you posted!

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    You'll see the reason a lot of us won't use gorilla tape once you change tires. It's like a sponge for sealant, and slimy mess for the rims!

    Luckily, tubeless is pretty foolproof these days. It was kind of ugly in the old conversion days.

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    Sounds like the job went as well as could be.

    My first time was a mess, but I tried cutting corners using factory installed 'tape' that I didn't realize wasn't well adhered (I bought bike used).
    Once I taped the rim myself the process was speedy and flawless.

    I had Gorilla tape for 2 years then when changing tires I went for the Stans tape. Removing Gorilla tape wasn't fun for even a minute. Ugh.....I'm gonna have nightmares now just remembering that day.
    It worked perfectly as far as sealing the rim though.

    I'm glad you had success. What your experience is is what it should always be as it really is a piece of cake. I'm new to tubeless 3 years ago when I go the bike I have now and struggled because all tutorials I've seen looked so easy. If only I would have replaced the leaky factory rim tape at step 1 it would have been perfect for me.

    For what it is worth, I have Stans bulk bin stems in one bike and whatever came with the 2nd bike...WTB rims, perhaps a WTB stem. Both seal perfectly.

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    Gorilla tape, yuck.
    Do the math.

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    Take it to the next level and start making your own tubeless brew. There’s a massive thread on this forum called “Best Tubeless Brew” or something like this.

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    Take it to the next level and start making your own tubeless brew. There’s a massive thread on this forum called “Best Tubeless Brew” or something like this.

    I'll check it out and probably do some experimenting with extra wheelset over the winter.

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