Stan's DART tire plug-
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    Stan's DART tire plug

    Not sure if posted already but looks solid.
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    Damn, looks promising. I'll have to keep an eye open for these.

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    Tool looks too bulky but plugs might be a good thing. Perhaps it could be installed with an existing hex on a multi or a spoke.

    Big thumbs up to the that person figures out and posts a suitable substitute for the post on that tool...

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    Yeah seems overly bulky to me for what it is meant to do. Kinda sucks that you only have two plugs as well in the tool. Would be interested to see the inside reacting with sealant like they say it does.

    Other thing is that I knew some people that will get a hole and ride with the plug until the tire is truly dead. This look like you shoved one of those shower body fluffs into your tire, so what happens when you trim it down (like normal plugs) close to the surface? Does the reaction with sealant on the inside melt it to the tire casing? Or are you left with looking like you have a dingleberry/pompom attached to your tire for the remainder of the time you use the tire?

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    It has a coating which neutralizes the ammonia causing the latex to congeal.

    FWIW: In the instructions, it says if you use CO2, to change it out to air when you get home. CO2 can also neutralize ammonia and cause the sealant to congeal and ball up in the tire.
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