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    Idea! stainless steel axles & cones?

    Just wondering if there's a Company in the US that makes basically the same line of axles, cones and whatnot as Wheel Master does, but in some grade of stainless.......

    It's not superior strength I need, it's extreme corrosion resistance.

    I use my ancient RockHopper for something a bit arcane: weather spotting for the National Weather Service. In Spring and Summer, that bike is constantly soaked- along with it's rider

    I've already replaced every single nut and bolt with "hardware-store-grade" (18-8) stainless, but there are a few areas I haven't done- like axle components.

    The hub ball bearings are no worry- they're greased - but the axles, cones and axle nuts are exposed.....

    Probably Much Ado About Nothing, really. Maybe I'm just morphing into a Techno-Elf in my advancing years, eh?

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    How about keeping a fresh coating of a marine grade grease on them?
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    I'd hazard the guess that a good grade of stainless that can be hardened enough to serve properly as a bearing cone (if there is such a thing?) it'd be very expensive even if they could do a reasonable quantity.

    I know stainless bearings have proven to be less reliable in my anecdotal evidence...

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    True, stainless bearings and races are not as hard as chromoly.

    Those hubs may not have rubber seals and the grease may easily get flushed out in wet weather. A hub upgrade with better seals may make sense.

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