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    Source for OEM (white letter logo) Maxxis tires?

    I have a couple sets of OEM Maxxis tires, and the white logos on them look so much nicer than the screaming yellow that comes on the consumer models. I've been looking around but not having much luck, and would love a set of white-letter Minions.

    Would anyone happen to know if there's a reseller that I can get them from? I've sent Maxxis an email but haven't heard back.
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    Have you tried your local lbs?

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    I emailed Maxxis many months ago about the same thing, but they didnít offer any help. They just said yellow is the only option for non-oem. I may look at Schwalbe for a change.

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    Lots of threads on blacking them out or buying white markers from your local office supplies store. Sharpie oil based markers are supposed to work reasonably well. If you want to spend more, white tire paint is available.

    I have tried unsuccessfully in the past to source the white lettered OEM Maxxis tires. This is an alternative if you just canít stand the yellow, although I highly suspect that you will need to reapply often to avoid the yellow from rearing its ugly head.

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    If you do find a OEM spot let me know. Devinci bikes has a 2.4 WT DHR2 DD 3c that you cannot buy on the open market that I want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hitechredneck View Post
    If you do find a OEM spot let me know. Devinci bikes has a 2.4 WT DHR2 DD 3c that you cannot buy on the open market that I want.
    I have no idea why Maxxis don't sell that.
    A tough rear tire with acceptable rolling resistance and enough grip is not easy to find.
    The only DHR II 2.4WT which is tougher than EXO is the downhill tire, but it comes in Maxx Grip so it is not for pedaling uphill.

    I think my rear tire for the next season will be the new Schwalbe Hans Dampf in SuperGravity.

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    You'll just have to buy a new bike every time you need tires. Let me know where to pick up your old ones.

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    In the same vein as that old Tony Ellsworth quote about standover clearance, this falls firmly into the whole "you can't see them when you're RIDING IT.. you know?"

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    Just put them on backwards, that's what we used to do when we didn't want the white stripe on our white wall tires to show on our cars.

    Oh, wait. Never mind.

    I believe sometimes the OEM tires are a cheaper version of the consumer tire, possibly with a wire bead. Maybe that's not the case with the tires that come on higher end bikes.
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