I am currently riding a 2019 Specialized Epic Pro, and am considering a lighter weight wheelset. As measured, the Roval Control wheels that come on the bike are ~1690 grams - not featherweights. Of course, the spokes and hubs that come with that wheelset aren't exactly the lightest.

One wheelset I am looking at is the Roval Control SL. From what I can tell, the rim profiles are identical, however I am wondering if the two wheelsets actually use the same rim (with the exception of the drilling, which is 28/28 on the Carbon's vs. 24/28 on the SL's).

Before I tear down my existing Control Carbon wheels and lace the rims to lighter hubs/spokes, does anyone know if the rim is the same as the SL? Any experience with these would be helpful.

For reference, here are links to the two wheelsets:

Control Carbon: https://rovalcomponents.com/collecti...ontrol-carbon#

Control SL: https://rovalcomponents.com/collecti...ol-sl-29-2017#