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    Rim width advice

    Just completed another uplift day at Bike Park Wales .
    I could definately notice the tire sqirm on the hard G outs and it the long downhill berms
    I have got 26mm int rims with 2.3 dhf , 2.3 agg combo .
    Adding more pressure just made me ping off stuff and loose traction .
    Does going to a 30mm inner rim help a lot with sidewall support running the lower pressures ?

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    A i30 rim will give those tyres more support, but then it will also expose the lower part of the casing to possible rock hits/cuts if you have lots of rocks there - far as I recall that park does. How heavy are you and how pressure are you running? Is your suspension setup properly? Are you active on the bike or just smashing/hitting stuff instead of being light and pop over stuff?

    Could be time to consider the DD or EXO+ casing if you're running just EXO, would give a bit more support and let you keep the same pressures and if you go for a wider rim, a more robust casing against rock cuts.
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    Your conditions are those where wide rims, high volume tires with flexible sidewalls are lest likely to work.
    So, if like LyNk says, you go to a heavier sidewall you may get benefit from a wider rim. CushCore can also help stabilize your sidewalls on a wider rim with lower pressures.

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    A wider internal will help sidewall support, I don't care house rocky and or sharp the terrain is, wide wheels are always more supportive and I have never had more issues tearing sidewalls on wider rims...26mm is narrower than current xc wheels are being built now...even xc wheels are in the 29mm range. Also with jumps landong at odd angles on a narrow wheels is much more likely to roll/burp a tire.

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    The problem is you're running trail bike tires at a DH bike park, there's no combination of rim with & tire pressure that will give acceptable levels of tire squirm and tire bounce.

    What you need is a DH tire with a 2-ply casing in the appropriate rubber compound for the conditions. Yes it's a lot heavier, yes the rolling resistance sucks. But the heavier casing construction and slower rebound rubber compounds will damp out hits a lot better so you don't ping around in the rocks, and it also gives better support so the tires don't squirm when you push them hard.

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    ok some good answers here .
    I dont really want to run a full downhill tire just to take it to bike park .
    I was wondering if there was making a change like rim width or maybe tire inserts that could improve the ride at bike park without slowing me down to much when i use the bike for my normal trails to .

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