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    Race Face ARC30 Offset Rims

    Can anyone give me some feedback on the newer Race Face ARC30 Offset rims? I see plenty of bad talk about the older ARC rims and how soft they were, but no reviews on the newer re-designed rims. I'm looking to have a set of wheels built with these rims, preferably with ARC30 front and ARC30 HD in the rear. Despite what Race Face says, would these rims hold up to enduro abuse? The ones who are running these rims, how are you liking them? Thanks in advance.

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    I have 1 on the back of my Hightower. It replaced a non offset ARC30 that was flatspotted. No issues with it. Built up easy.

    Also have a set of AR30 Offset on my singlespeed. They have all held up to many a rock strike.

    My only complaint with them is the quality control at the seam. My ARC30 has a hiccup at the seam....the wheel is true, but the seam bows out a little bit.
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    First thing I got rid of on my 2016 Hightower, was those ARC30 wheels. Since replaced with lighter DT Swiss M1700 i25 wheels. I do not trust wheels from Easton, after a set of EC90 XC wheels exploded on me, just as I came to a stop. One minute earlier, I was traveling DH at 25mph+. If the rim delamination occurred within that previous minute... I would not be here writing about it today:

    Race Face ARC30 Offset Rims-ht1.jpg
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    If you frequently dent rims then I would look for something a little heavier.

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    I have the ARC rims on multiple bikes, all hand built, none are stock machine built. No issues. (215lbs, not gentle)

    I built a wheel for a friend with the new Offset design, seems good. Still going strong for him.

    I think they're fine for general trail riding, but if I were building an Enduro wheelset I'd use a beefier rim.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cayenne_Pepa View Post
    First thing I got rid of on my 2016 Hightower, was those ARC30 wheels.
    The old Easton (and later Race Face) ARC30 rims (non-offset/non-asymmetrical) were very soft and dented easily. I flat spotted one and would not recommend them.

    For the new rims, however, Race Face went with a 6069 Alloy. They claim
    provides a superior strength to weight ratio over our previous generation of ARC, significantly improving toughness.
    A while back WTB made the switch to 6069 alloy and it made their rims pretty darn bombproof.

    The DH bike I rented in Whistler had Race Face ARC30 OS HD rims and I put a beating on them with no issues.
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    I have ARC 35ís offset and non offset on my SS and my hardtail. Iím not easy on my bikes and they are pretty strong. On par with my WTB Asym35ís.
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    I too have the ARC offset 35s on my hardtail. It's been about 6 or 7 months and I love them so far. I'm 185lbs and ride aggressively. Though I'm not a chronic rim destroyer, it has happened however. No problems with these thus far. The upgraded alloy makes a huge difference over the old design. The asymmetrical design also lends itself to strength through more even spoke tensions. I wouldn't hesitate to ride enduro with them but reading most other's opinions, they seem most suited to general trail.

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