Profile AC2 rear hub - it yells at you.-
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    Profile AC2 rear hub - it yells at you.

    Today I got my first ride in on the Profile AC2. I did not see much input on herr yet, so if there is, don't waste time reading this. You can read all the technical jargon on their website, so this is just my impression. In the past I have had two Profile Elites, two I-9 Torches, an I-9 Hydra, and my son's bike has a Gen 1 Onyx. First off in the 6 pawl configuration it is loud. Maybe louder than the Elite. I think with the 6 pawl config, it has 90-100 POE. I feel no difference or lack of engagement compared to the 201 POE Elite, or the 690 POE Hydra. You might think they went backwards with the POE, but trust me, it's there. The AC2 seems to free spin pretty good, better than the Elite, and on par with the Hydra. It is not even close to the Onyx though. The Onyx is by far the smoothest spinning, and truly instant hub I have tried. period. I imagine the AC2 will spin free spin better when it breaks in. The weight of the AC2 is a non issue. Feels about the same as the others except for the Onyx, which weighs more by a long shot. That extra weight is not noticable other than when you pick your bike up though. Nobody should be turned off by the Onyx because of its weight, but I have never cared much about rear hub weight. Profile made the AC2 really easy to service, and all you need are some snap ring pliers. The snap ring keeps the hub from coming apart like some of the others do when you take your wheel off and are not careful with it. I got the gold color, and it is spot on gold colored, just like in the website pictures. When mashing down on steep, punchy climbs, I noticed no loss of anything compared to the 690 POE Hydra. Coasting through flowy sections, I found the AC2 to have no more drag than the Hydra or Torche's , but less than the Elites. The Onyx still has the lowest amount of drag in that department. As for hub sound. The Hydra has a high pitch, really cool buzz. The Elite is loud and raspy. The Onyx is completely silent. I absolutely can not here my son behind or in front of me. I almost went with an Onyx on this bike, I love how silent it is, but I just dont want to listen to my chain slapping and any creaks and squeaks. That's just personal preference. My bike is not the most quiet. Just know, the AC2 is loud and angry. If your familiar with Profile Elites, than you will know what you are getting. With that said, if you configure the hub with the 3 pawl option, it is supposed to be a little quieter and less angry. I think the 3 pawl's takes it down to 60 POE and less drag, and really, 60 POE is plenty good. I have never had any issues with any of the above hubs, and I am 215lbs and really mash on the pedals for our steep, technical and punchy climbs here. I do expect any issues with the AC2, they are solid, well built hubs, but are easy to service your self to to keep them going like new. Check out the site for the design features to understand what they did to the AC2 and why they did it. It all makes sense. For anyone that can not see one in person, and has to order one, just know they are loud. Awesome hub, work great, nicely crafted in the USA, but they got that Profile scream. I personally like it. If you want to know anything else, feel free to ask. The Hydra, AC2, and Onyx hubs are all pretty close in price, and if you lay down money for any of them, you will not be disappointed.
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    I have owned quite a few hubs over the years. Initially I bought hubs based on price point, later I had an interest in higher POE & now my primary goal is purchasing components that will last. I ran Torch i9's for a number of seasons after quite a few ok and not so good hubs. Couple seasons ago I was intrigued by the Profiles Elite's. Ordered a shiny black rear hub and within a few weeks I was on the trails. The Elite was slightly quieter than the I9 and to be honest I couldn't really tell the Elite had double the POE. After a few weeks I was randomly getting a slight pop / click usually when accelerating under load. After going through the drive train I decided to look inside the hub. Low and behold I found a chipped ring gear tooth & man are those teeth small.

    Not going to go into every minute detail but Profile Racing wasn't easy to deal with. In the end the shop where I purchased the hub was able to get me a replacement hub shell that obviously had to be laced in. I decided to stay w/ hub manufactures that stand behind their products and stay away from lesser known hubs unless they have a strong warranty. I will add Profile only has a 30 day warranty! I was outside of warranty by a couple weeks

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    Profile seems to bring little to the table at a very high price.

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    I agree with that statement. Too bad too.

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    The AC2 has 48 poe in the 3 pawl format. If 48 is acceptable to you, get a white industries hub. They have extremely low drag and can be bought for $350 or less. It's somewhat loud but not nearly as bad as the profile or hope. They stand behind their products. 30 day warranty is a joke. I've bought hubs and didn't even lace the damn wheel up until a month later

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