Please review my Wheel Redishing progress.-
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    New question here. Please review my Wheel Redishing progress.

    Hi Folks,

    I'm looking for some advice from the Wheelbuilding Gurus as to what they would do next given the Tension data resulting from my last iteration of Tensioning and Truing.

    I am trying to get back on the bike ASAP after an almost 2 year hiatus thanks to a dislocated shoulder and various other reasons like anti-social behaviour that haven't helped with my recovery because of lack of sleep etc etc.

    Anyway the Rear Wheel, I am working on, I had previously converted from 7-speed to 9-speed by replacing the Deore DX Freehub Body with an 8/9-speed Freehub Body from an XT 737 hub.

    I don't know why but at the time I didn't think to check the tension after redishing the rim which didn't require much effort as I recall.

    So, given my recent wheel build experience with another wheelset and having become aware of the ParkTool Wheel Tension App, I decided to revisit this wheelset and discovered that the Tension was very poorly balanced compared to what it was when I first completed building these wheels. See the First image - the Number 8 spoke for the right side had a tension of 153.97KGF.

    I have now reinstalled the original 7-speed hub and have discovered a better option for having a closer set of ratios thanks to the following topic. So, I am going to use the 12-32 cogs from an 11-32 9-speed cassette for an 8-speed cluster with 9-speed shifters and the High Limit Screw adjusted to prevent movement to a non-existing 11t cog.

    The Second image is where I am now after 14 rounds of Tensioning and Truing. The Number 1 spokes for both sides start at the 12 o'clock position. The Number 1 spoke for the Left side is the Number 2 spoke of the wheel going in a Clockwise direction from the Valve Hole. Like wise the Number 1 spoke for the Right side is the Number 1 spoke of the wheel.

    As you can see I have some decent progress but now in order to make things quicker I would like to know what the Gurus would do.

    I have 2 ideas to propose but maybe you have a better idea.

    Idea 1 - Left Side - Reduce the tension by 1/8 turn for Spokes 1 and 10 and Increase the tension by 1/8 turn for Spokes 2 and 9.

    Idea 2 - Right Side - Reduce the tension by 1/8 turn for Spoke 9 and Increase the tension by 1/8 turn for Spoke 10.

    I can attach a Spreadsheet of the progressive changes if anyone is interested.

    In the 2nd image, Spokes on the Left side range from 58.37KGF to 69.81KGF whilst Spokes on the Right side range from 73.16KGF to 93.65KGF.

    Thanks, MTB.
    Please review my Wheel Redishing progress.-20191020firsttensionreading.pngPlease review my Wheel Redishing progress.-20191020lasttensioningandtruingiteration.png

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    You might be overthinking it.

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    That is the setup I have been using. 8 gears with 9 gear spacing. The hardest shift to make is the smallest cog specially if you put as close as possible to the dropout. So I allow 2 shifter positions for the smallest cog and the cable will go slack in last position.
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