• 10-08-2015
    Performance Forte Pisgah 2.2 running reverse tread in rear?
    Changed to a Forte Pisgah 2.2 in the rear, but noticed that I mounted it backwards in reverse of the rotation arrow. I've read that reversing a tire can improve it's climbing ability, but that it may suffer from slower rolling resistance and braking (i.e. skids). I'm not too concerned about rolling resistance as speed isn't what I'm after. I'd concede speed for better climbing and cornering grip, but not for diminished braking. I'll be switching to a High Roller II 2.3 up front soon. Coming off stock Crossmarks which rolled well, but I wasn't too confident cornering with them. I still run tubes on both my front and rear on a medium Santa Cruz Tallboy 29er. I ride in NorCal in the Bay Area, mostly east bay (e.g. joaquin miller) and north bay trails (e.g. china camp). I don't know why people here list height/weight, but I'm 5'9" and 145 lbs.

    Any thoughts on running reverse in the rear? Thanks!
  • 10-14-2015
    Lou Z. Ryder
    I've got a Pisgah 2.3 (26") running "backwards" in the rear, (normal in front) 'cause I was looking for climbing traction. I keep meaning to turn it around to see what the difference is but haven't gotten around to it. It does seem like the tread is wearing faster than it should ... I would just give both directions a try. Unlike lazy me [emoji57]