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    Opinions on Onyx HUbs

    I have been breaking spokes on the stock rear wheel of my 2018 Stache.

    I am 225 and have been mtn biking about 2 years. A LBS suggested upgrading to an Onyx hub along with stouter spokes.

    I have ever heard about the Onyx hubs but I've researched them. Other than being heavier they seem to have some good features.

    Does anyone have experience with these hubs in long term use?

    How would you rate them compare them to I9 Torch hubs?
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    “Stouter” spokes, as in thicker spokes?

    No, that will only make the problem worse. I’d steer clear of any wheel builder that believes that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Le Duke View Post
    “Stouter” spokes, as in thicker spokes?

    No, that will only make the problem worse. I’d steer clear of any wheel builder that believes that.

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    This, and the hub isn't going to solve the problem either. A description of your current wheel build would help but the solution may be as simple as a relace with quality butted spokes by a competent wheel builder.
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    I don't know if they are still doing it, but Trek was building lots of wheels with straight gauge spokes and I know bigger guys that were having the same issue until they got some wheels with proper butted spokes. Butted spokes will always outlast straight gauge.

    As to your Onyx hub question, yes they are very sturdy. I'm a big guy and I've got a few years of entirely trouble-free riding on a set, and a second newer set. Great hubs, lots of info here about them. I consider them to be superior to I9 hubs.

    If your current wheels are straight gauge, as mentioned just getting them relaced with butted spokes will likely solve your problem. And if you want to go all-in on new wheels, Onyx hubs with butted spokes are a good start for an excellent wheelset.

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    I think everyone has covered the issue about spokes.

    The onyx hub is heavy but its pretty tough hub. Instant engagement feeling is pretty incredible. Hubs being dead silent is something I’m still going back and forth on.

    My DH bike has DT Swiss hubs and other than judging my speed with my eyes, my ears also do some work with the noise being produced at speeds to judge if I’m going to make it or not.

    Onyx took that away. I think I just need to adjust. I can hear the smallest of brake rub now though.

    If you got the cash for it I wouldnt hesitate to recommend them!

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    Onyx hubs are great and better than most stock hubs, but new hubs will not necessarily solve the spoke breaking issue. If your spokes are breaking at the elbows then it's possible that the tension was not high enough to begin with or the spokes are flawed in some way. The Stache comes with fairly strong rims so what you primarily need are new spokes, preferable buttted and tensioned correctly. A new hub is a bonus if you want to buy it.

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    Thanks for the input and thoughts on the ONYX hub. I realize the hub alone won't solve the spoke issue but they did suggest one option to go to a 32 spoke hub instead of the stock 28. This was in addition to the butted spokes and brass nipples.

    Its' my decision. They aren't trying to push me one way or another. I'm just investigating options. I'm also trying to keep my stock will intact with the hope of selling it to offset some of the cost.
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    My opinion is that an Onyx hub is something I'd like to be able to afford

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    Going from 28 straight to 32 double butted will give you both a much stronger and a better feeling wheel.

    New trailbike build this winter (coil Knolly Fugitive LT) will be built with 32 hole Onyx hubs and DB spokes. I'm 225, so stout wheel is a must.

    Good luck.
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