I'm looking to put the Onza Canis 26x2.25 on my Bridgestone MB-3-SUS, the 1994 TIG welded model. Original tires were Ritchey Z-Max 1.95. Tires currently on the bike are a lower end Maxxis 2.10. Below is a picture of the Maxxis at about 25 PSI with a micrometer reading 57mm. Calipers are set to the outer edge of the tread knobs, which are by far the widest part of this tire. Tire clearance on my bike is fine with this tread, but I wouldn't want to go much bigger. In the pictures I have seen of the Canis online, the casing looks to be the widest part of the tire. The ETRTO measurement listed online says 57x559. Seeing as my 2.1 is currently sitting at 57mm, do you all think it is safe to take a flyer on the Canis? Also attached are two photos pulled from the web showing the tread pattern of the Canis. One highlighting the wider sidewall. The other showing the same perspective as the photo of my tire.

Onza Canis 26x2.25 on Bridgestone MB-3-SUS-tire-width.jpgOnza Canis 26x2.25 on Bridgestone MB-3-SUS-onza-reifen-canis-skinwall-26-x-225_b2.jpgOnza Canis 26x2.25 on Bridgestone MB-3-SUS-onzacanis04.jpg

Many thanks,