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    Nextie Premium, Crocodile, Regular & Asymetric

    Trying to gather differences and what to buy for my Ibis HD3 at 27.5

    Premium rims will be closer to what a Derby or Ibis rim might be....that's an assumption. Only options are 39id or 29id. I plan to run 2.6 most likely so seems like that 35id sweet spot is missing. $240 a rim [NXT27XA45] PREMIUM 32mm Width Carbon Fiber 27.5+ 650B Plus Mountain Bike Clincher Rim [Tubeless Compatible]

    The Crocodile looks like it has reinforced nipple beds. based on price, I am going assume these reinforced nipple beds are the only difference between the Crocs and the Regular rims. 36id which is pretty close the Ibis 742 rims. Seems like the right rims. For those that have Crocs, did you order the offset spoke holes? $195 [Crocodile] [NEW DESIGNED] 42mm Width Carbon Semi-Fat MTB 27.5+ Rim Hookless Tubeless Compatible [NXT27CD42]

    Regular Nextie are 33id for $170 [NXT27AM40] [All Mountain / Enduro] 40mm Width Carbon Fiber 650B/27.5" MTB Clincher Rim Tubeless Compatible

    Asymetric at 32id $155 [Asymmetric] [NXT27WC38] [All Mountain] 38mm Width Carbon Fiber 27.5" / 650B MTB Rim Clincher Hookless Tubeless Compatible

    Thanks for any info you can provide

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    I just got a set of the nextie AM35's built up by them on hope pro 4's, VERY impressed.
    If you don't have to have assym. look at their 40, with an internal of 33, should be perfect.
    Shoot Lo Maxwell a email, he gave me 20% off on the hoops.
    [NXT27AM40] [All Mountain / Enduro] 40mm Width Carbon Fiber 650B/27.5" MTB Clincher Rim Tubeless Compatible

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    I've been running the croc 42mm with 3" tires on my fatty all last summer, super happy with them. Light, strong, setup tubeless easy.

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    Following. Interested in the Croc+ for a Maxxis DHF 2.8 tire. Maxxis says minimum ID should be 39mm

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    It seems like the crocodile design provides for stiffness and spoke strength without having to resort to a deep rim depth all around, so it shaves weight while maintaining strength. But mostly I just like the way those Crocodile rims look, they are cool. If I needed a pair of i36 wheels Id be looking at these (just ordered a pair of i34 wheels from carbon speed)...

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    Quote Originally Posted by laksboy View Post
    Following. Interested in the Croc+ for a Maxxis DHF 2.8 tire. Maxxis says minimum ID should be 39mm
    I'd take that with a grain of salt. I've been running 2.8 on 30mm internal for over a year and I'd say 35mm to 40mm is the sweet spot.

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    On my pre-Boost HD3 w/ Fox 36 I'm running Nextie Asymmetric Wildcat rims having 32mm inner width. Tires are Maxxis WT DHF 2.5 / DHR2 2.4 combo. The rear tires fit in the frame nicely. I'm considering the DHF 2.6 up front when a replacement tire is needed.
    Love the Nextie rims, light and stiff. No problems mounting the tires. The rims have taken countless rock strikes with zero structural damage and just very minor cosmetic blemishes.

    I chose the Enduro reinforcement option.

    Order them in a custom wheel build here:


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    I've got a set of these in the post now, looking forward to getting them!! Certainly seem like good bang-for-buck.

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