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    New wheelset for Bronson v2, 215lbs AUW?

    Hello all,

    I managed to dent my stock Race Face AR27s to the point of putting a crack in the rim during a drunken excursion. I have had problems over the last year with the rear wheel staying true and spokes coming loose, and I think it's finally time to upgrade.

    I'm right at the weight limit of some of the more popular options (215lbs), and I've never built or bought a wheelset, so I'm looking for some advice to upgrade my Bronson C S 2017.

    I'm currently looking at buying the i9 Trail 270 (32 hole) set, but the max rider weight is 230lbs. The Grade 300 set looks like a more confidence inspiring option, but at a significant weight cost.

    Anyone around my weight with experience on these rims that can... weigh in? Not necessarily set on i9.

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    Just go for heavier duty rims. Imho, weight savings should only be the focus for XC bikes and only those.

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    Talk with a wheel-builder or two and see what they recommend.

    They will be able to give you a couple of suggestions taking into consideration your specific set of variables, such as weight, riding style, riding conditions, maintenance / rebuild cycles etc and then recommend appropriate spokes / tensions / nipples / rim materials / rim width / hub flange spacing / POE etc etc.

    You may end up with new rims and spokes using your current hubs, a set of pre-built like you are looking at; or you could end up with something custom built for the about the same price.

    Worth a couple of e-mails and / or phone calls.
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    Heavier rims are probably a good idea.

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    The i9's are dumb-light for an aluminum rim. If you busted AR27's I very seriously doubt the even lighter i9's will hold up. I would definitely pass on those!

    You can get nicer, stronger, lighter carbon rims for that price. Bontrager has some nice offerings these days too. The line pro 30's are comparable in price and engagement, but stronger.

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