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    new wheels

    hello guys! so i ride a airborne goblin, and the other day i noticed that the front wheel is a bit crooked, what are my options? should i attempt a repair, or take the opportunity to replace the wheels for some lighter ones?

    please post your comments, and if i go with some new wheels, which would you recommend at a reasonable price? should i go with just a replacement but the same wheels or just go with different ones?

    thank you guys! hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, and a good day

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    This is a great opportunity to research wheel maintenance that involves proper truing and tensioning. Doesn't matter if you have a $50 or $2000 wheelset they need to be properly trued and tensioned. Purchase adecent spoke wrench and spend some time on Youtube or read some articles in wheel maintenance. If you just want to get the wheel done asap your lbs should get you done for $20 +/-.

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    Yep this is simple maintenance. All wheels need to be trued eventually. The better the build, hand built vs machine built, the longer they will stay true.

    Once you watch a video and do it you will see how dead easy it is to do.
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    I agree. First attempt to true the wheel. If you cannot produce relatively even tension at the area of the bend then the rim may be bent and you may want to look into another rim or wheelset.

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    Agree that it can be fun/interesting/rewarding to learn to true and build wheels for some. I build my wheels. However, there are quite a few riders who are not that interested and may feel they have better things to do, which is perfectly fine too. For those, a bike shop will evaluate the wheel and advise as to whether simply truing or retensioning it is advisable or if a new wheel would be a better option.
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