new wheel buildout questions-
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    new wheel buildout questions

    I test rode a bike with Stan's MK3 rims last weekend. The wheels seemed solid quality. Are Stan's MK3 wheels generally considered the "why pay more?" rims by semi-serious
    mtb riders?

    I'm considering the Project321 hubs. The main feature that attracts me is the silence aspect but they seem to have pretty good specs in general. What's the general concensus on Project321 hubs here?

    Are Project321 hubs generally considered upgraded hubs which should be paired with upgraded rims? Is it not too big of a deal to remove the hubs and use them on upgraded rims in the future if I decide to upgrade rims?

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    Which MK3 rims? Several of their current rims bear the MK3 label.

    Rims have a limited lifetime, much more limited than hubs. So long as the industry is not about to throw another axle "standard" at us in the next ten years, a good rear hub is a great "investment." I know someone who went with Project 321
    Hubs and he's spoiled on them, won't use anything else. There are several other worthwhile hubs out there in a similar price range.

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    I just received my new P321 G2 hubs but still not sure about the rims spokes. DT Swiss XM481 or XM511 look like no brainier, but are on the pricier side of things. Was strongly considering Spank 350 or Oozy 345. Any other recommendations?

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    I was thinking the Arch MK3 but yeah like you said there are several MK3 options:

    If my ride style is XC/AM then would the Arch MK3 be a decent choice? I rode a bike with Arch MK3 wheels last weekend and the wheels seemed pretty solid

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    Building wheels gives you the option of choosing a rim width to get more performance, especially cornering traction, out of a wider tire if your bike can take one. Or using a wider rim to lower tire pressures if you can't go with a wider tire.
    I'd see what width tire your fork will take. Your frame may not be able to take as much tire width. This could lead you to going with different rim widths front and rear. This is to match the tire with the best width rim at the right low air pressure. You can also add an insert like CushCore or HuckNorris at the rear to run lower pressures.

    For XC/AM terrain and speeds a minimum rim width of 30mm inside between the rim beads would be one option for some tires up to 2.35. If your fork or frame can take a 2.6 tire you could go wider.
    And I'd go with DT rims over Stans. Arch is 26mm. internal. Flow is 29mm.

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    I agree with starting with good hubs and finding a rim that suits your needs. If and when the rim wears out you can replace them.

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