My initial impressions of bontrager sealant is really good! How is it long term?-
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    My initial impressions of bontrager sealant is really good! How is it long term?

    I like trying new stuff, so I bought a quart of bontrager sealant with my XR3.

    It setup easy and sealed quickly. No problems. Its got what looks like black pepper flakes (its probably rubber?) which appear like they'll do their job. I think the bottle said non latex, which hasnt been great for me so far.

    I never hear anyone talk about bonty sealant. Does it have a bad record? I've used a lot of sealants and keep going back to orange seal, but I like the bonty sealant so far. The scorching summer is coming, so that's the real shake down, but so far so good.

    As a side note, this 2.35 XR3 is a pretty damn mild tire. It rolls incredibly fast and has poor braking traction. This tire is what I expected the XR2 to be.

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    First & foremost - I've never used the Bonty sealant. I like Orange Seal a lot. My last deviation away from it was Finish Line and that stuff was a huge disappointment so I haven't strayed recently.

    About the XR3-
    I assume you have the previous generation, not the new one, as it's currently only available in 27.5x2.8 and 29x2.4. This is the new:

    I have ridden a 27.5x2.35 previous gen quite a lot and have a SE3 is on the rear of my bike now which is the same tread on a heavier, burlier carcass.

    Tires are so subjective but I like the 'old' XR3 a lot on my Bronson v2 with a XR4 front. The XR3 is really fast, and the majority of my braking is up front. It hooks up acceptably for me, for slow techy descents. It's almost as fast as a Maxxis Ikon and it grips better in all aspects. It's terrible in the mud, but I very rarely encounter mud.

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    I've been consulting with the manufacturer for several years now and they keep improving their formula. They let me test it and I've always had great success; beads seal very easily and their new tiny single use bottles squirt right thru the valve core and are a joy to work with. The initial sealant needed higher pressures (like road bike pressures) to seal quickly so they got mixed reviews by the mags but their new polymer works much better now for the lower mtb tire pressures similar to the natural latex sealants like Stans. The new version is blue in color so unless you have that it is not the latest/greatest. One big advantage over natural latex is that it takes a lot longer to dry out so it lasts much longer. Also the black flakes are not rubber, it is a proprietary fill that makes it one of the better sealants on the market. They've brought on another HUGE bike manufacturer as a customer so you can expect to see a lot more of this sealant in the future. I'm glad you like it!

    Have FUN!

    G MAN
    "There's two shuttles, one to the top and one to the hospital" I LOVE this place!!!

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    I have a white bottle with white sealant that lists 26" and 29". Must be old stuff! It's still pretty good, it's too bad they shipped me old stock, this order was placed last month.

    Colin, I do like the xr3 so far, it's just much more towards the xc end than I expected. Not disappointed, just surprised. I like a fast rear, so I'm sure it'll be great.

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