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    Michelin Tire Recommendation

    Swapping over from

    Front 27.5 x 2.5" Maxxis Assegai, EXO+ TR 3C Max Terra


    Rear 27.5 x 2.4" Maxxis DHR2, EXO+ TR 3C Max Terra

    I'm looking to give the Michelin tires a try. What tires of theirs are equivalent to what I have now? I find their names super confusing.

    I'm NOT looking for a fast/loose tire in the rear like an Aggressor. I need DHR2 like grip.


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    Nothing. There's no equivalent to a DHR2/Assegai in an EXO+ casing. Michelin has tires with a similar casing but less grip or their version of the Maxxis DD casing and more grip.

    The closest is probably the Michelin Wild Rock'R2 Enduro, which is sort of like a DHR2 in a DD casing, but with lots more cornering grip. You do lose a bit of volume compared to the tires you're running right now, but you do get a stronger casing that damps out impacts better and doesn't ping-pong as much off rocks & other hard objects.

    The other option is the Wild Enduro front & rear combo, they have more volume than the Wild Rock'R2 but they also wear faster and are more suited to softer trails. If you have a ton of rocks & hardpack, the Wild Rock'R2 is the better choice.

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    The Wild Enduro Front and Rear actually have different casings. The Rear has extra pinch protection (their term, not mine), and it is roughly equivalent to the Maxxis DD casing. The rear is only available in the Gumx compound (think MaxxTerra)

    The front is in the same casing, but minus the "pinch protection", and that would be more similar to an EXO+ casing from Maxxis. The front is available in Gumx, and Magix (think roughly maxxgrip equivalent). The front is also a bit more volume (even though both are 2.4in tires), and has taller knobs.

    Some people run the "front" tire both front and rear, at the expense of some durability, and rolling resistance.

    I'd honestly compare the "front" tire to a kind of beefed up Magic Mary, and the rear to a beefed up Hans Dampf, if those comparisions are useful for you.

    I would agree though. I hear good things about the Wild enduro combo in most conditions, but in dry conditions I have read a fair bit of reports of them wearing pretty quickly. Then again, they are pretty inexpensive, and have good grip, so it may not be a bad tradeoff.

    I've got a wild enduro rear on my bike, but its still pretty new (< 50 miles), and I also live where its constantly wet. But so far it still looks brand new. I've not tried the Wild Rock'R as its not really ideal for my conditions, but I do hear good things about it for dry and rocky conditions.

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    If you're in Utah, Mr Utahjohn, you must try the wild rock'r2. Easily the most underrated dry conditions tire on the market. Chainreactioncycles always has great prices on them.

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    I'd rank them like this: Assegai Maxxgrip> or = to Michelin Wild Enduro Front Magic X>Assegai Exo+

    Wild Enduro grips like crazy in magic x if you are a fast and aggressive rider. Front wears pretty well, rear wild enduro will shed side knobs like crazy. I get about 500-600 miles per set riding fast, hardpack, loose and rocky terrain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duffman1976 View Post
    Wild Enduro grips like crazy in magic x if you are a fast and aggressive rider. Front wears pretty well, rear wild enduro will shed side knobs like crazy. I get about 500-600 miles per set riding fast, hardpack, loose and rocky terrain.
    Man, I got 175mi out of my pair. I pulled them off today b/c the center lugs were worn down to the sipes and some cornering lugs were hanging on by threads, both front and rear.

    Granted, Im a heavy rider and the trails around here are pretty rocky, but Im still disappointed. I think theyd be amazing on softer trails where the soil is more humus than clay or rock.

    My only other complaint besides the durability is that if you ride through any clay-heavy mud, you either finish your ride with 4lb of mud on each wheel or you spend an hour detailing your tires with a stick.

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