Measuring Spoke Tension and Apps-
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    Measuring Spoke Tension and Apps

    Maybe a dumb question... My spokes are Sapim Laser 2.0x1.5x2.0 When I put the spoke diameter into the apps, do I use 2.0 or 1.5? I'm thinking 1.5 but I want to be sure.

    What is your favourite wheel building/truing app and why?


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    Tension meters measure deflection at a certain cross section on the spoke. Make sure the cross section diameter matches what you measure. In other words, use the diameter where you will measure the spoke.

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    Also, the tensiometer measures from one side of the spoke to the other and then subtracts deflection from that. You have to used the correct thickness of the spoke where the gauge is measuring for the calibration to be correct. For lasers, that's 1.5mm. For bladed spokes, you have to use the thin dimension.

    To see how that works, put the tensiometer on a spoke and gradually release the handle until the moving pin just touches the spoke. It will read some number, say 30. As you completely release the lever the spoke will deflect and the reading might be 22. If the spoke was thicker, the starting point might have been 35. You can see the number you read for deflection is going to depend on the thickness of the spoke.

    There are some very expensive tensiometers that measure deflection opposite the moving pins, on the same side as the static pins. These measure deflection independent of spoke thickness.
    Do the math.

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