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    Maxxis Ardent 29x2.4 EXO Tire Pressure?

    I picked up a pair of Ardent 2.4 EXOs recently and I am struggling with finding the sweet spot for tire pressure. Started at 30 and worked my way down to 25. I weight 180 lbs. Running tubeless. Came from Spec Purgatory up front and Ground Control on rear. I am really feeling squirrely on the Ardents in corners, braking and on trails with loose rocks. I have taken a few hard bails while cornering since the switch. Has anyone else felt squirrely on their Ardents after making a switch or is just me? Should I run lower pressure? With my weight and riding style (not a finesse rider by any means) I am worried about rolling them. Would flipping the rear tire backwards help with braking control? Thanks.

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    Go low enough they almost squirm. If it looks right up top facing forward, it's set up for braking grip already (rolls better on this setup).
    I run mine out front (exact same tire) at 26psi, and I have 55+ lbs on you... I suspect you can go lower before seeing any ill effect.

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    I'm running the Ardent 2.4 EXO's front and rear as well on Wide Lightening rims with the rear tire on backwards. I weigh 185 and run 16-18 psi front, 18-19 psi rear. Any higher and I start to lose grip in the rocks and roots.
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    How wide are your rims?

    When runnning a rear 27x2.25 on 19i, I had to run 25-27 to keep from squirming and sliding off stuff. After I upgraded to 25i, I'm running about 22. Some of that is increased volume, some is the greater stability.

    I've a 29x2.4 (non exo) on the front of my HT, and run it about 20-22 on 23i.

    I'm about 175 geared up.
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    My wheels are 21i. Thanks for all the info gents!! I try a few rides and vary the pressure from 25-20 and see how they feel. Will prob try swapping the back tire around and see if that helps braking.

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    I'm only around 145 on the bike, and run Ardents at 17-18 PSI up front and 20-21 in the back. Anything lower and they feel horrible on fast corners and can't deal with big hits. That's on 30 mm interior width rims. You can probably go lower than 25 at your weight, but can't imagine anything lower than 20 in the front working well for you. The narrow rims may be a bit of a limiting factor to how low a PSI you can use.

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