• 07-01-2011
    Max/recommended tire sizes for ASR 5?
    Newb here...usual disclaimers apply.

    What brings this question up for me is planning for wheelset upgrade in future. I've been pretty focused on 819 rims due to advice from MTBR members and others, as well as what I've been able to gather from internet research. None of which substitutes for experience, but I might as well try to make the most informed decision I can.

    The only other rim that has come into real consideration so far would be the Stan's ZTR Flow. From what I understand, the 819's are a great overall rim and super-durable, especially when built expertly. The Flows seem to win if maximum tire size (and profile) is taken into consideration. The durability factor and the fact that the 819's are UST are very appealing to me. As far as bigger/wider tires goes, I *think* I'm somewhat limited in that by the bike itself--Yeti ASR 5. It came with 2.25" Fat Alberts. I think someone here (on the Yeti forum) mentioned that different brand tires have different profiles and that he had a 2.5" something-or-other as a rear wheel, but it fit the bike just like a 2.25" FA. My point/question is with the limitations of this bike, is the tire size even relevant? IOW, are the 819's totally capable of handling any tire that the ASR 5 can accomodate? Or, stated differently, would ANY tire (such as my current 2.25" FA's) ride differently on Flows as opposed to 819's.
  • 07-02-2011
    The yeti website has max tyre sizes on the general info part of the ASR5 page