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    list of legit Chinese rim makers?

    I only remember Light Bicycle and Nextie but I know there are few more and some new shops, just cant remember the names.

    Light Bicycle and Nextie make equal quality rims to the big brands but they are also about equal in price now, are there any new shops that offer good rims that might be cheaper like the old Light Bicycle prices? The $300 fake-branded wheels on Ebay/Amazon are too sketchy for me.

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    Based on some research I have come across BTLOS, Carbonfan and EIE. I don't have any personal experience yet, but I am getting close to pulling the trigger on a BTLOS wheelset.

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    The list grows by the hour.

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    I managed to crack my old LB (4 years) rear, ordered a pair from Carbonfan, it took two weeks to ship in order to meet my requirements (28 holes, symmetric, T800, 30 mm), the price was just so good, they even had the time to send pics of the rims on scale and free shipping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by idividebyzero View Post

    Light Bicycle and Nextie make equal quality rims to the big brands
    IME, they ARE the big brands.

    Oxive is also legit, been running their XC wheels this season.

    list of legit Chinese rim makers?-img_5284.jpg
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    I've seen positive reviews of Light Bicycle, Carbonfan, BTLOS, EIE, XMCarbonspeed, Oxive and others just in the last year, but I'd feel comfortable ordering from any of them. LB and Carbonfan are now a bit better established and charge a bit more than the others. Unless you have some special deal with the manufacturer right now it looks like XMC and BTLOS are about the least expensive "name" brands (short of going the ultracheap Aliexpress route).

    I'm hoping to order a wheelset sometime around BF and right now am leaning toward BTLOS.

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    Ive ordered from LB and carbonbicyle and the rims are of high quality. I might try eiecarbon next.

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    I've had great luck with two pairs of Nextie wheels, and several of my other friends have too.

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    Just pulled the trigger on a BTLOS wheelset with the M-i29 rims. They build to order, and are estimating 7-13 buisness days to build the wheels, and shipping will take another 1-2 weeks. Patience is a virtue....

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    I'm also a fan of Light Bicycle...I've used their rims for 5 builds so far, and will probably continue to do so.

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    I'm partial to EIE. They're bang-up current with rim designs on the mountain side, responsive, and well-priced. Yishun also makes fine products, though their support isn't quite as good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alexdi View Post
    I'm partial to EIE. They're bang-up current with rim designs on the mountain side, responsive, and well-priced.
    Yep, I just order a set of wheels from them. They were responsive and thorough and very well priced. Once ordered it took about 4 weeks for them to build them up and get them to my door. I chose them primarily due to their 29+ rim offering which was one of the lightest around and at a fairly unique width. I've yet to get to ride them because we've had almost 2 weeks straight of rain here in Central TX.


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    i too ordered from EIE recently. they even agreed to lace to Bitex hubs which they dont even offer as an option. so for their base hub price (which is some sort of 24poe novatec hubs) i got much lighter Bitex hubs with 50 or so poe. good selection of rims as well.

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    I sent requests for quotes out to each of the companies specíing out AM mid width 29ers w DT 240S hubs. Most came back around $1k but EIE quoted $800! Wow, many places want $500 just for the hubs. Iím going to look up there reviews but based on a few positive comments i have seen so far, I think Iíll go with EIE.

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    Light Bicycle*
    Elite (Elita One)
    Xiamen Carbon-Speed*
    Angle Sports*+
    Trident Thrust

    *people I've communicated with directly about wheel builds and/or rims.
    +people I've bought wheels/rims from with positive experiences

    If you're looking for exceptional service and customer experience, go with Light Bicycle. Quite a few customers with issues though over the long haul.

    If you're looking for top-notch product quality but at a price, go with Nextie, Oxive, or Carbonfan.

    If you're looking for the ultimate weight weenie experience, go with Speedsafe.

    If you're looking for niche offerings (650B fat, 90mm fat, 50mm plus, etc.) check out Light Bicycle, ICAN, and Xiamen Carbon-Speed.

    If you're looking to save on shipping costs while buying a frame, go with sellers that also sell frames (Hongfu, Pro-Mance, Dengfu, ICAN, TanTan etc.)

    If you're looking for a dirt-cheap product that's tried-and-true, go on Aliexpress and search "29 carbon rim", sort by "orders", and look at the first three items that pop up.

    Finally, if you're looking for something that doesn't exist, talk to Xiamen Carbon-Speed about opening a mold. They only cost about $1500-$2000 deal done. Anyone want a 120mm-wide carbon fat rim?

    Pretty much anything on Aliexpress with more than 10 orders and 4.5+ stars is good for a try.

    All of those companies offer monocoque (meaning one piece of fiber) rims in various widths and depths with either asymmetric or symmetric construction, customized hole drilling, and many of them offer wheel builds for what works to around $25 labor per wheel. Almost without exception they all offer at least 1 year warranty.

    I have yet to find a non-legit seller.

    Most of them order mass production runs from the same factory with very similar molds designed by the same engineers and laid up from the same rolls of fiber, get their products stored in a corner there, ship to their office quarters for QC and warranty before shipping out, and then ship to you the customer. Mass production generally means between 50 and 200 pieces, based on my communication with a factory (forgive my natural curiosity about the inner workings of the industry). This means working through a brand is your best bet--their prices are reasonable as is.

    Light Bicycle and Nextie are different in that they have in-house product development and manufacturing. I don't know about Carbonfan. Light Bicycle operates very autonomously, but I find their prices hard to justify any potential increase in quality, since there are quite a few customers with issues.

    There doesn't appear to be much difference anymore in the quality of the product from brand to brand, it's mostly in how well it's marketed and quality of customer service. There isn't much thank for loyalty as profit margins are razor thin and American-style marketing prowess is fundamentally lacking.

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    Have to give another shout out to EIE Carbon. I bought a pair of their XC wheels which have been stellar. Almost 1300 miles on them with 0 issues.

    From placing the order to the wheels arriving at my door was right at 2 weeks.

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