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    i'm out of ideas

    after several years, my stans crest finally flatted. front and rear. couldn't find a puncture anywhere so i retaped with gorilla tape and set them both up again.
    the rear has since been fine but the front just doesn't want to stay inflated.
    i've retaped it twice with gorilla. once with new stans tape. also tried new valve stems. unsure what else to try. i'm seating it with a compressor to 45psi.
    tires are nobby nics and have about 8 hrs of riding on them. no thorns or debris i can find. checked the rims and the bead and lip seem fine.

    fwiw, it was a slow leak at first that started all this. it would gradually lose pressure over a few days. now, it stays rock hard for a few hours, then loses pressure over night.

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    I'm not sure if this helps, but when I was using Stan's sealant my tires would only stay at pressure for a few days at best.

    I switched to orange seal endurance and I have not had a problem since. Granted, I do expect my tires to lose pressure over time.

    My front tire is a Bontrager xr2 29x3 and my rear tire is a Terrene McFly 29x2.8. I have between 6 and 8 oz of orange seal endurance in each tire. My rim tape and valve stem are the factory i9 products.

    After seating the tire, did you rotate it several times a day for a few days at pressure?

    Have you inspected your rim for any hairline cracks? My previous bike had a hairline crack at the weld in the aluminum rim. It would not hold air for more than 24 hours.

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    Use water with a a bit of dish soap in a spray bottle and find the leak. You should see it bubbling. Finding the source of the leak is first step.

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    yeah, i rotated after inflation. gave it a few spins each time i walked by the garage but still completely flat the next morning.

    i haven't had much luck with soapy water, but i may do the underwater thing and rotate the inflated wheel thru a basin of water and see if i get any bubbles that way.

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    How much sealant are you adding? For a new tire you sometimes have to add extra.

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    Did you tube them and inflate to press the tape tight? That's pretty much SOP for most but I figured I'd ask. Typically when it leaks like that its the tape letting air pass between it and the rim.
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    Did it only start doing this with the new nn's?
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    The best way to resolve this is to check for leaks with soapy water. Where you see suds occur is where the leaks are.

    If you see tiny bubbles in the sidewall of the tire or bead area then shake sealant to that area and check again with soapy water.

    If you see bubbles coming out of the valve area then you have a problem with your tape.

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