• 03-19-2014
    If you ride mostly dirt/mud/sand trails...how wide of tires are on your ride?
    Title says it all, about to get some new tires for my 2010 Gary Fisher Marlin and am curious what other riders have on their bikes. If you ride a lot of dirt single track that can get sloppy on occasion, what are you running?
  • 03-19-2014
    Go with a tire that will suit your need the majority of the time. You shouldn't purchase a tire that is only going to be good for your riding 'on occasion'
  • 03-19-2014
    2.25". Lets me get away with a little less pressure, but the fancy casings I'm a sucker for are still available on tires this width. I use a mid-sized knob - Schwalbe Rocket Rons.