How Can You Make Your Tires Snow and Ice Ready?-
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    How Can You Make Your Tires Snow and Ice Ready?

    I've been searching the web trying to find the best way to make your tires snow and ice ready on the cheap. (Studded tires are too expensive for how little I ride in the winter.) I've seen some interesting ideas but figured I could get a few new ones here. Zip Ties look cool and cheap but I think it would only work for a road bike and really wouldn't help much in more extreme conditions. There are screws in the knobs but I would hate to ruin a decent tire and don't have any old ones lying around. Basically I want to ride Buffalo Creek in the winter which alternates between snow, ice and lots of gravel / sand. TIA

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    Your best bet is to stud some yourself. I know you said you don't have any old tires lying around, but you may be able to come up with some on the cheap. Our local race series hands out tires during raffles and such and I grabbed a couple from a guy that didn't like the tires he won. Picked up a couple for $20 total. Ask around, maybe another local has a couple oldies hanging in the garage he (she) may part with for very little $$.

    I used the 1/2" #10 SS panhead screws. Drilled through the knob from the outside to locate the hole. screwed the screws in from the inside. IIRC I only put studs in about every 3 knobs and made sure they were offset from L to R. Cut them off on the outside of the tire so they aren't sticking up to much. Split a tube to wrap around your real tube and install. I rode mine like that all last winter and already have them on this year with no issues. My total cost was $25.

    Good luck!

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    ^^ the problem is that DIY with panhead screws is very labor intensive. so, you either put in a lot of your own time or you pay the cost for studded tires.

    at the end of the season they are on blowout sales, so if you buy in March you can save studded tires for the next winter, but this doesn't help you a lot right now in mid-January.

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    There are also chains, not cheap but cheaper than studded tires.

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