Hi guys, I have an Easton Havoc AM (non-UST) wheelset and one of the 20mm end caps for the front hub got lost when I shipped my bike (thanks FedEx). I believe the year model is 2008 but I'm not 100% positive. I'm hoping that someone has this part laying around as I've called Easton and they do not have any more of these end caps.

The part I need is shown below and I annotated it with the measurements. Note that most Easton 20mm front hubs have end caps that at a glance look like this but the newer versions are not as tall.
<img src="https://uberfarm.com/easton_part/DSC06166cropann.jpg"></img>

Here's Easton's diagram and what I need is just one of the end caps (they're both the same size) for item 1, part number 2017095, with the O-ring.
<img src="https://uberfarm.com/easton_part/diagram.jpg"></img>

If you've got the same Easton hub which you're not using and would like to sell the 20mm spacer end cap, please let me know.