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Thread: HED BAD rims

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    HED BAD rims

    Hello everyone. I'm a little new to this so I greatly apologize if I am re-hashing this...but I am looking for feedback from people who actually have owned or have the HED BAD rims. I have seen various comments pop up in other posts where quick comments were made about these rims bending, being for fresh powder only, or people speculating on them. I fully understand that these are light weight single wall aluminum rims that may not be designed for shall we say riders of a larger stature, charging down a baby head rock infested trail at brake neck speeds, or going off a 3ft drop. But I was hoping to hear responses about either of the following:
    1. If you have had experience with them and would recommend them or would you recommend them for hilly single track vs. just riding on snow?
    2. -or- If you have had them and they failed? If they failed, could I please trouble you to comment on the trail conditions, riding style, tire pressure, and (I know you should never ask this) the size of the rider?

    Thank you all and I appreciate any friendly information you may be willing to share.

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    I watched them fail, does that count?

    Personally wouldn't touch them with a 10-foot pole, I'd take a carbon setup like Light Bicycle at similar weight that will be far stronger.
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    There are people out there that successfully ride them year round, all conditions, all speeds, all terrain types.

    I have no idea how they do this, because the rims are pretty fragile.

    Unless you know you are a 1%er with respect to being light on equipment regardless of external factors, they are best reserved for on-snow use only.

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    They're ok for singletrack if there aren't a lot of rocks or big roots. I'm in Pisgah, so lots of rocks and roots and I dented both on the first ride. They are kind of like a big spring which makes for a comfortable ride. I use them for gravel riding now and they're prefect for that in my opinion.

    I put a lot of time on the Alex blizzerks and they're far more trail worthy, just heavy. Just started riding the Fatback Big Su rims. They're much closer in weight to the BAD, but they have a double wall at the bead. Tubeless setup is easier than the hed.
    I would recommend looking into those as well

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    Definitely on the fragile side. Had mine built up two years ago with i9 hub. Easy tubeless with no tape or rimstrip to mess with and light weight are nice. But even the slightest rim strike will make a dent. Also bear in mind that the single wall design leaves the nipples exposed in the rim bed, so any attempt at running tubed will require some extra protection. Iím due for a rebuild and I think that big su may get the nod.

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    I've had these on my rigid fat bike for about 500 miles. Very light, but as mentioned probably fragile. I have had no problems. I run 4.7" Vee Bulldozer tires at 5.5 psi front and 6 psi rear. I weigh 165 pounds.

    They set up tubeless with no trouble and hold pressure for weeks. I ride in rocky, rooty New England, Eastern MA mostly.
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