For $65 you could have these hubs likely by the end of the month. I want a few more sets for my personal use, but the MOQ is 19 in this case so I'm posting here to gauge interest in a group buy.

Group Buy? Boost 72 POE leaf spring hubs-imgonline-com-ua-compresstosize-8maakualtaeom3.jpg

Group Buy? Boost 72 POE leaf spring hubs-imgonline-com-ua-compresstosize-o6570tia6bzuhz.jpg

Group Buy? Boost 72 POE leaf spring hubs-imgonline-com-ua-compresstosize-8rtkkjnns5.jpg

The hub factory which I'm working with is ECC-Tech. You can view their Alibaba ad for these hubs here:

ECC-Tech makes custom hubs for a lot of giants in the industry, but they also have in-house designs for wholesale. I've used their wholesale hubs with complete success on several wheelsets.

I have 1000+ miles on this wheelset at present:

Group Buy? Boost 72 POE leaf spring hubs-7.jpg

The hubs have performed flawlessly, the engagement and buzz is so awesome.

I've also had their hubs on my XC and singlespeed rigs, all with great success!

I imported 30 pairs a few months back and sold them off on eBay, but dealing with the up-front cost and eBay fees wasn't pleasant. Hence, a group buy proposal:

- Boost 148x12mm and 110x15mm spacing
- Thru-axle only, strong preferences for quick release can be addressed, $15 extra for those end caps.
- 72 points of engagement on both XD and HG freehubs
- 36 tooth ratchet
- Leaf spring pawl mechanisms like Hope Pro hubs
- No laser logos, just pure anodized color
- 152.5g front, 280.5g rear (433g/pair)
- 4 sealed cartridge NBK bearings rear, 2 sealed cartridge NBK bearings front (6902-2RS)
- Alloy 7075-T6 freehub body and axle material
- Forged Alloy 6061 hub shell material
- J-bend spokes, not straight pull
- Anti-bite on HG freehubs
- 32 hole options only
- 6 bolt disc brake mounts only
- ECC model number E-618

The pawl mechanism is quite similar to Hope, driven by leaf springs:
Group Buy? Boost 72 POE leaf spring hubs-3b.jpg

Leaf springs are not as prone to damage as the nearly-microscopic coil springs used to drive pawl engagement in low-end hubs.

Here are actual pictures of the hubs in question. The colors don't shine well in the photos, but the anodizing will not disappoint:

Group Buy? Boost 72 POE leaf spring hubs-4.jpgGroup Buy? Boost 72 POE leaf spring hubs-5.jpg

Here are the specification drawings:

Group Buy? Boost 72 POE leaf spring hubs-hub-specs.png

Group Buy? Boost 72 POE leaf spring hubs-hub-specs2.png

This price is blowout pricing for a limited stock of hubs. My understanding is that they normally go at $62/pair.

First come first serve, only 19 pairs available, post up or PM me with your color (9 green, 8 purple, 2 blue) and XD or HG driver. Extra drivers are $15. Added quick release caps are $12. I need 15 commits before ordering, then I can PM everybody payment info. Order processing should take 1-3 days, air freight shipping to me should take 4-10 days. I'll turn the orders around the same day I get them and send them from the local USPS distribution center to you via Priority Mail for 2-3 day shipping.

Group buy logistics
Here's how that $65 price tag breaks down:

- $47/pair wholesale price for manufacturing
- $7/pair FedEx freight costs for hubs to get sent to me in USA
- $7.25 USPS priority mail shipping to you in USA
- $2.19 PayPal fees (2.9% for goods and services)
- A dollar and some change of buffer for extra fees or whatever could happen

I prefer doing this by PayPal, that way I can use the PayPal balance to pay the factory and avoid extra fees, plus you get insurance if something unforeseeable happens. I believe if you pay using goods and services you don't get stuck with a fee.

I prefer NOT doing this on Kickstarter, as funded campaigns are stuck with 5% fee + 3-5% payment fee, plus then I have to deal with wire/PayPal fees to the factory. That said, I'll hear opinions.

Thoughts, opinions, comments all appreciated!