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    Fat bike rim design vs regular rim

    Why are all the fat bike rims lightened with cutouts but the regular rims aren't?

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    Because the fatbikes have less than 10psi in the tires, so a little piece of rubber can hold the pressure.
    And because their rims weigh twice as much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by party_wagon View Post
    Why are all the fat bike rims lightened with cutouts but the regular rims aren't?
    Those fatbike rims are flexy noodles compared to carbon versions. I've had and built many of both. Now, think about taking a non-fat regular aluminum rim, which is a flexy noodle compared to a carbon of the same dimensions, based on my wheelbuilding experiences, and cut holes in it, and it will be way flexier, way unacceptable. Fatbikes generally don't get pushed nearly as hard and they have a lot more material on the rim to absorb hits. You decrease the material substantially and subject it to the same or greater stress? Something is going to give. Oh, I'm sure some weight-weenie could do this and get away with it for a while, but it would be unacceptably flexy and weak. It also doesn't work with double-wall rims, which is the strongest way to make a rim. The cut-out rims you see are single-wall.
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