Fastest 29x2.6 - 29x2.8 tires for bikepacking-
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    Fastest 29x2.6 - 29x2.8 tires for bikepacking

    I need some bigger tires for bikepacking mixed terrain. Pavement, Baja sand double track and singletrack. I want the absolute fastest rolling on pavement 29x2.6-2.8. I've got a 25id rim. Not really worried about not having the ideal 30-40mm rim width.

    So far I'm trying to decide between:
    Maxxis ikon 2.6
    Bontrager xr2 2.6
    Panaracer fat b nimble 3.0 (actual 2.6-2.8)
    Vittoria mezcal 2.6 (uhhgggg I hate the logo and color so much I don't even want to try them)

    So far I've tried the ikon 2.6. they're loud on pavement and not as supple or fast as I'd hoped. Thinking about cutting off the center knobs to turn it into a semi slick. But what y'all think would be faster in the same width?

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    If I had it my way if have a schwalbe big one 2.6 with small cornering knobs

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    Fat B Nimble's are fast but the casings are fragile. Maybe even paper. No way I'd get far from home on one.

    Ikon and Rekon are OK. Good blend of speed and grip.

    Mezcal is very fast but one of mine suffered a catastrophic sidewall cut very early in it's life, and with zero rocks anywhere near the site of death. I lost faith in them immediately, although maybe that was just very bad luck with one specific tire.

    XR2 is fantastic. Very fast in a straight line, supple casing with excellent tubeless reliability. The only downside is their lack of real edge knobs, such that you need to slow down some for corners.

    Terrene McFly 2.8" is fairly fast too, and measures an actual 2.6. Not sure it's any better than your Ikon tho.

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    I trimmed the center knobs of the fbn. Seems faster but not sure. I'm really into supple fast tires. I'll see if the xr2 fits next.

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    Ive been using Ikon 2.6 and love everything about them except that they roll much slower than expected.

    Just ordered a set of 29x2.6 WTB rangers.

    I have lots of races with the 3 version and they roll really well, so I expect these to be fast as well.

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