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    Fast rolling trail tyres?

    Hi all. New to here but have been a member in other forums for years but wanting to spread my wings .

    I recently just bought the new vitus sentier VR hardtail.

    It has 2.6 magic Maryís upfront and 2.6 Nobby nicks on rear. I really like this bike and the spec of it, however compared to my boardman hardtial it feels draggy. ( yes I know the less knobbly and much thinner 2.2 tyres make this the case) but was wondering if anyone could recommend a good all round fast rolling tyre. I go to a local bike park most weekends but I wouldnít say Iím aggressive I just am probably a normal rider.

    I would really like my new hardtail to be a bike that does it all. A blast to ride XC local for fitness and then something that would also be capable of going to the bike park on weekend. I was thinking about maybe putting 2.4 ardents on? I would like to the tyres to stay relatively wide is it does give me more confidence.

    Iím finding I use the boardman for all my local stuff and then the new bike for bike park when itís not raining on a weekend. But would much prefer to have my new bike a bit of an all rounder .

    I could keep the situation up Iím currently doing, having one bike for one thing and another for another thing but would like to sell the boardman and look at getting a full sus in spring next year and keeping this one hardtail as a bit of a all rounder, as the full sus would be for bike parks and trail centres only.

    Iíve never used the tyres thatís come with the bike before but they just feel a little draggy. But the Nobby nick gets good reviews for resistance so maybe itís the magic Mary upfront?

    Any help would be great


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    The Vittoria Morsa 2.3 g+ is a 2.4 and it is the fastest trail type tire you can buy. Another fast one is the Conti Mountain King. Avoid anything from Michelin.

    I think the Specialized gripton and Bontrager tires are pretty fast but I haven't seen them tested. I have a 2.6 Butcher on the front of one bike and it doesn't seem to slow me down.

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    Not going to happen, not IMHO, suggest you keep your old bike for XC and set the new one up for the park/DH trails. I say that while thinking about tyure choice, as the tyres you list as stock on your new bike are the kind I'd be looking for when riding mainly DH/Park, something with good sturdy blocks to give confidence cornering and committing to rough stuff. Only real solution to me if you only want one bike is to either swap tyres depending on where you'll be riding, or the more practical way of having 2 wheelsets with different tyre setups and of course one could be a bit heavier duty for the DH/Park.

    I'd highly suggest you give those new setup a chance in the park, think you might find that your riding starts to improve as those big tyres give you confidence to tackle stuff faster and harder - you've got them, why not give them a go.
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