So, my wife got me a Valentine's gift card for some online parts shopping. I knew I was going to need some tires after the winter so after some looking around, I found some WTB Bronson's (XC's, not the FR version) in 29 2.2. I poked around some more, found some reviews and they were basically favorable and seemed to apply to the Front Range type of terrain in Colorado. I ordered them and just put them on yesterday. No issues....put them on WTB rims, bam easy set up. So, I was looking at the casing while mounting them and notice the molding read "29x2.3"...the tire is labeled 2.2...mounted and inflated...2.1 AT BEST (casing only) on 25mm inner width rims. I'm like...meh, whatever, hope I like the ride. I go to WTB's website and it looks like they don't even make them anymore. HA! How old are the tires I just put on????