EThirteen semi-slick tire-
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    EThirteen semi-slick tire

    I figured I would get this started. Had been looking for rider reviews on the tire and was not finding anything.

    I picked up an EThirteen semislick LG1enduro casing race tire, 29x2.35. I am on a YT Capra cf pro race 29. When I got the bike I immediately swapped from the stock EThirteen tires to my tried and true DHF/Aggressor exo 2.5WT combo. I also have an Ibis Ripley LS, on that bike I have a DHF 2.6 front and a Nobby Nic 2.6 back. I hate the Nic. I will use these tires as reference points.

    I ride in North Jersey, Ringwood about 50 percent of the time. It is rugged terrain, very technical, lots of body english required to navigate steep turns without striking the pedals. It has plenty of dirt. Plenty of sizable off camber rock faces which can be a bitch if there is any moisture. Baby head rocks which love to dent/crack rims.

    I left the DHF on the front, took the aggressor off and put on the semislick. Semislick pumped up to 22.

    I rode on a damp day, it rained all night but we have had a lot of rain and miraculously the woods are managing the water great. Rocks can still be slick, but the dirt is close to hero. I had been riding in these same conditions on my other set ups as well.

    The semislick with the enduro casing, race compound was every bit as fast as the aggressor and the handling was just as good. It spun up real fast and handled off camber rockface on climbs beautifully. I personally believe that a really good tire keeps you insulated from how bad a surface may be and let you focus on pressing forward. That is exactly how this tire behaves. Super predictable in every situation I have thrown at it. Very reliable. I did not have to think about the tire at all. It rolls real well, climbed real well. And with that casing, I never even came close to a rim strike on the baby heads. Aside from the robustness of the casing and the faster spin-up, there wasn’t a discernible difference from the aggressor. I consider this a pretty solid compliment.

    EThirteen seemed perfect on first guess at 22, this leads be to believe there is a pretty big sweet spot. The only downside I am seeing is the wear. I got the race compound so it is real grippy and soft, I am imagining 200 to 300 miles at most.

    The Nobby Nic in the same situation rolls well, lots of volume and awesome in hero dirt situations, but they are crap on off camber rock faces, wet or dry. One strong pedal stroke and you are on your ass. The volume makes it very difficult to nail correct tire pressure (always either to hard or too soft, no sweet spot).

    I put the Nobby Nic on the bench. Took my beat up aggressor and put it on the Ripley until I decide on what to put on it next.

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    Yeah, their race compound is extremely soft. I wish there was more info and comparisons of semi-slicks online. Thanks for the review.

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