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    Enduro Racers and Carbon Wheels

    Where I live and my connections in the racing community leads to a lot of very high level enduro racers coming through and staying with me. I can't help but notice that very few of them are running carbon wheels. When I ask why, the answer is just about always the same "aluminum feels better"

    Given the wide prevalence of carbon wheels I find this really interesting. Sort of makes me think that there are other places on a bike to spend our money on.
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    I love the way carbon rims ride, but I've cracked 5 of them including a front. Many pros do seem to prefer more flex in their rims. I know Graves runs low spoke tension to add flex. I'm personally a fan of really stiff wheels up to the point of deflection, but carbon is a no go for me. Rims that can't dent, crack. It's a real bummer because carbon rides great, it's easier to build, and they stay both round and true. Until they crack that is.

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    They should try Berd spokes as I can clearly feel the rear flex notably. And that's with 32 spokes and a DH layup rear rim.

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    What brand/model aluminum wheels and hubs are these racers using?

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    Maybe aluminum does feel better. If these racers are "high level", they have extra free wheels on hand. If someone wants to send me free stuff I'll run it.
    But I build my own. And building carbon wheels is SO much easier than dealing with aluminum.

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    I know a guy who was a pro Enduro racer for a while, he ran aluminum because if he cracked a carbon rim he was out of the race. If he dented an aluminum rim he might be able to straighten it and keep riding without breaking any rules. It had nothing to do with "feel".
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    Iím a Clyde and ride a 29er and I notice a difference in stiffness with carbon. I want my bike chassis to be uber stiff to handle my fat butt. Plus the rear doesnít detension as readily. Iíve broken carbon rims, but definitely at a much lower frequency than alloy. Also I can typically ride a carbon rear 29er with a broken spoke or two, but the alloy goes way out of true.

    27.5, 36 hole alloy holds up pretty well and feels stiff enough. Are 36 hole rims made any more?

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