• 04-27-2019
    DT XM481 vs RF Offset Arc 30 vs WTB ASYM i29
    Doing custom wheel build and interested in alloy rims, not going carbon...

    Narrowed down to the following in order of weight lightest to heaviest:

    Raceface Arc Offset 30
    DT XM481
    WTB ASYM i29

    Any pro’s and cons i should be aware of?
    Or all relatively the same?
    Was leaning toward the arcs...
  • 04-27-2019
    Miker J
    I've heard that depending on what rubber you plan on using some beads don't work as well with WTB. That is purely anecdotal however - and others should chime in. I do know that tires I like to use, Maxxis and Spec, work well on DT rims.
  • 04-28-2019
    I have built one DT 481 front wheel (27.5, 28H, DT 240 straight pull hub, DT double butted spokes and alloy nips). Over 600 miles on it so far. No problems. Like the width: Inner 30mm outer 35mm. I ride mostly cross country and epic(long) rides with a little bit of fun races added for flavor.

  • 04-29-2019
    I have a set of the ARC offsets in order. Will update after a few rides. Someday hopefully soon.