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    DT Swiss XM 421 or EX 471 for Heavier Rider and Bikepacking


    I'm wondering what everyones take on the weight capacity of these two tires for a bikepacking use. I weigh 180 and won't be riding on really aggressive trails. It'll be a mixture of gravel roads to singletrack. I plan on riding with a loaded bike probably 40-60 pounds of gear.

    Given that I'll be on a rigid bike, I would expect shock forces to be higher on the wheels than if I was on a suspension ride. While the system weight for myself and the bike + gear will be less than the stated system weight for the XM 421s, could shock forces push the rim closer to its limit? Without having to do an in depth analysis and if this were your bike, would you stick with the light XM rims or go for the burlier EX enduro rims?


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    Opt for durability. 471 imho.
    Wanted, SRAM GX 2x11 rear derailleur

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    Which rims to choose is a function of which tires (brand, model, and size) you'll be running, and at what pressures. Also whether they'll be run tubed or tubeless matters.

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    The XM is All Mt. You don't need a DH rim for the speeds you'll be going loaded. . . .but you could benefit from wider tires than go on a 25mm inner rim. For 29 that's an EX 511 with 30mm inner. For 27.5 you can go wider if your frame will take wider tires. Most forks will. WTB has a good 35mm inner rim for 29s.

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    Ex471 is a DH rim that's a reasonable weight. It's the same rim Gwin rode down a DH run when his tire rolled off..

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    For your intended purpose the heavier rim is a better choice.

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