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    Dryve Wheels. Anyone have them? Reviews?

    A friend had these in his garage, he likes them. I tried a quick forum search and didn't find anything. Anyone running these rims? Do you like them?

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    Hey Mahmer09, I own a few pairs of Dryve wheels. Like them a lot, I currently have a pair of the AM 29 wheels for the mtb, and a pair of the U55 road wheels on my cross/road bike. Both disc brake wheelsets. On the mtb I've ridden them all over the west coast and southwest; Moab, Fruita, Grand Junction, Whistler, Squamish, and all over in my PNW area and never an issue. The beauty of his wheels are that all the parts are non-proprietary parts so if anything were to happen it'd be easy to get a spoke, bearing, nipple or what ever. Full disclaimer the owner is my best friend, but even if he wasn't the owner I would have bought them. Having worked in the bike industry for years and working directly with high end manufacturers like ENVE, Reynolds, Zipp, etc., and having demo'd/owned those brands over the years I can say unequivocally that DRYVE wheels are not just the best wheels for the money, they are among the best wheels cobbled together by both direct to consumer brands and big players such as Zipp. In a world where the larger companies as well as boutique companies charge about $3000 for a set of wheels I think it's safe to say that once you spend more than a $1000-$1200 for wheels you're experiencing diminishing returns for that increase in investment. Beyond that threshold you're starting to pay for brand name status and the infrastructure/development/marketing costs associated with those larger brands.

    Shane at DRYVE wheels is a solo dude with a garage converted to a manufacturing facility who while is probably the most ADD dude I know also has an extreme penchant for quality. He's probably on the spectrum but his OCD breeds quality and it shows in his builds. Much like the larger companies, serial numbers for hubs and rims are logged for each build but also the final KgF is logged for each spoke on each wheel. Each of the three sets of wheels I've owned over the last 3 years have needed absolutely nothing. To add credence to his wheels, he's a pro level mtb rider and logs thousands of miles on his wheels over the year/season. He also probably does just as much or possibly even more at this point for high school mtb teams. Sponsoring tons of kids across the west coast, and making the commitment to support the kids riding on his wheels by driving thousands of miles each year to go support them at their big races. Just check out Dryve wheels instagram feed. I think it speaks volumes about what Dryve wheels are about, no nonsense wheels with the ability to always keep delivering.

    Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions more specifically about the wheels. Hope you get a pair. You'll not be disappointed.

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    I know the owner as well as was his test pilot for his 27.5 Enduro wheelset. They are a good product and the owner is a great guy to work with.

    As Schulze points out, it's not hard to start your own "Wheel Company." DRYVE has a direct partnership with the carbon manufacturer used for their wheels, and the quality and attention to detail on my build was outstanding. Shane upgraded my rear hub to the 90T configuration and it rivals my King hubs.

    I'm going to pick up a second set for my Smuggler on my own dime and would prefer them to many sets in the $1,000 - $1,500 price range.

    Given Shane a call and see what you can learn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NWfreeride View Post
    DRYVE has a direct partnership with the carbon manufacturer used for their wheels
    Is there any other way to do it? Like, I guess this is better than if they were openly hostile towards each other?...
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