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    Do I need this blue rim tape on my Mavic Crossland USTs? (And how do I get it?)

    I have 2006 Mavic Crossland UST Rims--26".

    When I went to switch around my tires today I noticed that one of my rims had a blue rim strip (see attached picture). The other rim does not have this rim strip.

    The blue trim strip I do have is hardened and warped in places and I was not able to inflate the tire without have the rim strip get stuck in between the bead and the rim. This does not seem good.

    I was not able to inflate the other tire at all.

    What is the purpose of this rim strip? Assuming it's necessary, which I think it is, could someone point me to where I can buy this product? Also, does anyone have ideas for how I can still make use of the old rim strip and prevent it from getting stuck between the bead and the rim?

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Do I need this blue rim tape on my Mavic Crossland USTs? (And how do I get it?)-img-3367.jpg  

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    True UST rims don't need any rim strip. There's no spoke holes to cover.
    You'd only use one if the tyre was a little loose on the bead.

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    If there are no holes in the rim bed, you don't need a rim strip. but most all rims have spoke holes in the rim bed. If you're using tubes, the tube can expand and protrude through the spoke hole and pop. It might also get cut by the sharp edges of the hole. In this case, the rim strip is there to protect the tube from the holes. There are adhesive tape type rim strips and elastic plastic band type rim strips that can be used. Either need to by wide enough to reliably cover the holes and strong enough to support the pressurized tube. The elastic band type, which looks like what you have, can shift and uncover the holes if not wide enough. If you're running tubeless, then the tape needs to effect an airtight seal. There are various adhesive tapes that can be used for this and it's usually best if the tape covers the rim bed from side to side. There are some other consideration too, like how tightly the tire bead fits around the rim which can affect the choice of tape.
    Do the math.

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