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    Dissector Front/Aggressor rear!?

    Just like so many people on this forum, the search for the perfect tire combo continues (trying to stick with Maxxis for the time being). I ride in Arizona, so most of my trails are loose, rocky fast and dry. We have tons of long and punch climbs so i've been trying to find a light(ish) tire set for my Yeti 4.5. I used to run a 2.5 DHF, 2.3 aggressor and it was just too much tire for all the long days and climbs. Then moved to 2.6/2.4 Rekon, which was fine for a time and fast, but after a few bad spills I decided something gripper in the front was needed. This is when I landed on the 2.4 Dissector front, 2.4 Rekon back. This was great for about a month, but the grip difference between front and back was not ideal and I kept flatting on my Rekon (it also COMPLETELY wore out after 3 months - I need something more durable). It seems like the next logical choice would be the aggressor. Has anyone ridden this combo? Thoughts? Looking for something grippier and more durable than the Rekon but also ideally not a boat anchor. I was considering front and rear dissector, but measured the knobs and I just don't have enough clearance.

    The dissector on the front has been pretty great so far, but I tend to be a tire snob so would love some input before I yet again change.

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    I am also running a Dissector 2.6 front and Rekon 2.6 rear and I am not the biggest fan of the different feel. I am considering another Dissector in the rear. I havent seen any downsides to this tire and have heard that it really outdoes the aggressor. I will be interested in the replies... I run a 27.5 Giant Fathom hardtail...

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    Seems like the Dissector 2.4 should fit (max tire size 2.4 on that frame). It might be a tight fit but your not going to be riding through mud in your terrain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ridetheridge View Post
    Seems like the Dissector 2.4 should fit (max tire size 2.4 on that frame). It might be a tight fit but your not going to be riding through mud in your terrain.
    Yeah I may have to try it. When I measured it seemed like there may be only 1-2mm of space which made me a bit nervous. So far the aggressor is pretty good, but been loving the dissector on the front!

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    I normally run 29x2.35 Nobby Nic front and back (not a recommendation for you!) but for Moab where I ride 5 or 6 times a year and early season Wasatch, I ride a 2.6 DHF/2.5 Aggressor combo. I find that combo surprisingly fast.

    I tried a 2.6/2.4 Rekon combo and was underwhelmed. Not as fast or as grippy as the NoNi's and not nearly knobby enough on the back for off axis step climbing in Moab. The Rekon front is scary for aggressive cornering - to me.

    I did try a 2.3 OEM DHRII up front and really loved it. I coupled it with a 2.4 Rekon on the back....just can't find any love for the Rekon, though!

    If I were more interested in descents than climbs (I'm about 50/50) I'd consider the DHRII front Aggressor rear. Regardless, I do like the Aggressor for the rear in a 2.5 - haven't tried the smaller version.

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    I am running this combo on my trail wheel set. 2.3 aggressor in the rear 3c dissector in the from. I have only ridden it in the dry. So far so good, nice and quick with a acceptable amount of traction. I like the combo overall and they seem to pair well together for average trail rides. You are lot going to set any land speed records on the way up or down with this set up but it does a good job all around. I did not like the dissector on the rear at all when I tried it as a more enduro style set up with cush core.

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    Hey Matt I'm in the Phoenix area. Been down the same road as you as well. I went the rekon route in the rear for short time. It just didn't have any grip on the rocks compared to the aggressor. I ditched the aggressor because it was just kind of heavy paired with a minion 2.5 dhf. Like you said kind of too much for all-day pedaling around.

    These last 3 months I've settled on 2.4 dissector up front and the SE 4 2.4 in rear. I'm digging the dissector upfront, works well for our dry trails. The se4 is far grippier than the rekon and much lighter than the aggressor. Might want to check that out as well.
    The SE4 seems to be wearing pretty quickly in the rear. But that falls in line with pretty much every rear tire here in the Phoenix area.
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    I am currently running this combo on my Hightower V2 as my light trail setup. They are mounted to 29 mm internal width Light Bicycle rims, I really like this combo. Dissector is plenty for the front (kind of a slightly less aggressive DHF but feels lighter) and has a bit deeper tread than the Aggressor. Aggressor feels a bit more durable in the rear than Dissectors do (probably due to the harder dual compound rubber). Weight difference between Dissector and Aggressor is negligible. They roll about the same - maybe slight edge to the Aggressor.

    Various moderately technical trail tire combinations I have tried with brief comments:

    (Current) Dissector 2.4 MaxxTerra F, Aggressor 2.3 Dual Compound R - rolls well, doesn't feel heavy, hooks up in most situations, very good braking traction on loose over hard. Great rolling resistance for what braking and cornering traction is offers.

    Dissector 2.4 MaxxTerra F, R - rolls well, doesn't feel heavy, hooks up in most situations, very good braking traction on loose over hard. Great rolling resistance for what braking and cornering traction is offers. I think the extra .1 of an inch for the Dissector "may" give it the edge for climbing traction, but the Aggressor rolls a bit better. Really a wash in my opinion as the two tires are almost equivalent in weight.

    Minion DHF 2.3 MaxxTerra F, Minion DHRII 2.3 R - good combo, but tires are a bit skinny and can feel sketchy over very loose rocky terrain - that extra .1 of an inch seems to matter in going from 2.3 to 2.4 in the front for me. DHRII has incredible braking traction but a bit draggy on long fire road climbs. Awesome cornering traction.

    Dissector 2.4 MaxxTerra F, Rekon MaxxTerra 2.4 R - rolls very well, doesn't feel heavy, hooks up in most situations except very steep loose over hard, good braking traction on loose over hard.

    On my 33 mm internal width rims, I run DHF WT MaxxTerra 2.5 F, and Dissector MaxxTerra 2.4 R - if I am heading into hostile territory, I go with the DHR II MaxxTerra 2.4 WT for the rear.

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